Sunday, November 06, 2011

State Attorney In Sarasota Refuses to Charge Delmer Smith in Murder of Georgeann Smith, State Attorney Backed Off Charging Thugs Who Attacked Me at Beach Club.

This is outrageous, the sister of raped and murdered Georgeann Smith has contacted me to investigate why the State Attorney's office in Sarasota Fl will not charge dirtbag Delmer Smith with her attack, even though Sarasota County Sehriff Detectives have discovered DNA that puts mad dog rapist Delmer Smith in Georgeann Smith's house prior to her violent beat down with a baseball bat.

What a gutless organization the State Attorney's Office in Saraota Fl is,  it appears they do not want to take a chance on ruining their Win-Lost ratio in Court.

I had direct contact with the State Attorney's office in Sarasota Fl on or about October 29th, 2003 when two thugs jumped me at the Beach Club on Siesta Key Fl.  It appears that asst. State Attorney Maximilian Goldberg did not want to press Battery Charges on the two thugs who attacked me because he felt it was a he said- he said fight as to who started it. 

The two thugs at the Beach Club had been sexually harasing the two women I was with, the bartenders sent the two thugs to the rear bar to seperate us, when I went to the men's room the two thugs followed me in, a fist fight insued and the the two thugs ran off when the bouncers broke it up.  The two thugs ran off, the bar tenders got their tag numbers and the cops eventually tracked them down.  I picked out their mug shots from a police six pack and they were to be arrested.

Asst. State Attorney Maximilian Godberg was presented all this "evidence" but decided not to prosecute because one of the thugs had a black eye and other marks on his face, too bad.  The case was dropped;
RE: State of Florida v. XXX XXXX
SAO #03-16011
Agency #SSO-03-81212

Sarasota Cops Have DNA Evidence That Links Serial Rapist Delmer Smith to Murder of Georgeann Smith But State Attorney Won’t Charge, Gutless.

Sarasota-Bradenton Home Invader Delmer Smith had his hands full with GeorgeAnn Smith, she was a fighter, she was not going to take it lying down, she more than likely pulled off his mask, she was a black belt in karate trained in self defence but going up against an armed intruder who obviously had no qualms about maiming, or now, killing a woman.

GeorgeAnn Smith was a hero, she fought back against Delemr Smith, it may have cost her life, but there is no second guessing the situation, she was attacked and she defended herself, no black belt in karate (an expert in martial arts) is going to accept a hit in the head and possible sexual abuse without fighting back, it is just that simple.

From information obtained from Georgeann Smith’s sister, Marjie Snow Almeter, it became apparant that ex-con dirtbag Delmer Smith had broken into Georgeann Smith’s house, violently fought with her, then raped and murdered her.

Sarasota Home invasion suspect Delmer Smith raped and beat to death Georgann Lee Smith on Joann Drive Sarasota, she was beaten to death with a baseball bat, she had been bound and raped, she had been home alone.

FROM Georgeann Smith’s sister July 27th, 2011…They linked Delmer Smith to being in my sister’s (Georgeann Smith) home. I received a call earlier in the day and it was confirmed by the Detectives. The bad part is they can’t link him to her murder, because there is no evidence to prove it. The Lead detective re-submitted a piece of evidence to forensics to have a special test performed and that was the link. They found his DNA! I just don’t understand why we have to go through this. Yes, I’m very happy that he is behind bars, but I want his name in BIG BOLD LETTERS on a newspaper clipping saying that he was the one who BRUTALLY MURDERED Georgann, with a beautiful picture of her off to the left. She never received any coverage for her murder. Only that they identified the body of a deceased woman. That is horrible! I wish someone would step in and do an article on her because she was truly an angel. The State Attorney will not charge Delmer Smith because of lack of evidence, so we still do not have JUSTICE! The only justice there is is that he will never leave prison because of everything else he’s done to all the other women!   Marjie Snow Almeter.

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