Saturday, November 26, 2011

Security Camera Ok'd for Leon Ave Newtown, Too Late for Naomi Clyburn As Thugs "Shoot Up Hood" With AK-47 at Leon Ave and 30th St Sarasota Fl.

In a continued effort to combat crime in Newtown, city commissioners unanimously approved five surveillance cameras to be installed along the Dr. Marin Luther King Jr. Way Corridor. City staff had originally requested four cameras totaling $100,000, but a fifth was added after commissioner Willie Shaw said the project was incomplete.

Cameras would be installed at four intersections along Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way: at Pershing Avenue, Dixie Avenue, Links Avenue and Church Avenue. The location of the fifth camera that was approved Monday does not have a definite intersection. Shaw suggested Leon Avenue......Too late to catch the thugs who murdered Naomi Clyburn.

SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE Saturday November 27th, 2011. Young mother, Naomi M. Clyburn, killed, 4 injured in "North Sarasota" shooting.

The Sarasota Herald Tribune and the Sarasota Police Department are now calling "Newtown", the violent, drug dealing, British Tourist murdering section of Sarasota, "North Sarasota", get real.

SARASOTA - UPDATE - A young mother was killed and four others were wounded by gunshots fired from a teal Chevrolet pickup truck that tore through a North Sarasota neighborhood early Saturday.  Officers were able to quickly locate that truck, which had been abandoned on Cocoanut Avenue near Highland Street. The license tag on the truck was stolen. The Florida license plate had been on a white 2001 Chevrolet pick-up truck registered in Bradenton.

Naomi Clyburn, 22, of Sarasota was killed in a drive-by shooting. There are no suspects in the 2:30 a.m. shooting that killed 22-year-old Naomi M. Clyburn, who lived near the crime scene at the intersection of Leon Avenue and 30th Street (in Newtown).

A group was celebrating the holiday weekend outside a cluster of low-income apartments (Newtown) when the shooting occurred, Capt.Sutton said. Police believe multiple shooters fired an assault-type rifle at the crowd while driving a teal Chevrolet pick-up truck with custom wheels and tinted windows.

It is unclear how many shots were fired, but officers put down nearly 40 evidence markers that typically note where bullet shell casings were foundAbout a dozen somber people who gathered around the crime-scene tape Saturday morning declined to comment on the shooting, (No Snitchin In Newtown). A young woman who asked not to be named said she was going outside to smoke a cigarette when she heard the gunshots and returned to bed, (Nuttin Unusual for Newtown).

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