Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Newtown Neighbors Say Mural Has Gang-Related Message, M-M Gang Hand Sign with "Fast Life" Tattoo Means "Gang Banging".

See photo above of "painting" over the front door of the "Tube Dude" building in downtown Sarasota, the downward gang sign appears to spell out the letters M M.  The tattoo'd letters on the fingers spell out gang slang "Fast Life" which means drug dealing, robbing and gang banging. Are the “Tube Dude” people supporting the Gang Fast Life ?

"This is what living the Fast Life got me, a quarter of my life in this hellhole. This is real and it can happen to anyone. You are in for 187 and all it took was just one shot and 25 to life is what you got.  No more luck, no four-leaf clover.  As far as your concerned your whole life is over. But if that's what it takes to be in a gang Then you should think real hard, do you really wanna bang? " PRISONER...CALIFORNIA DEPT OF CORRECTIONS.

SARASOTA HERLAD TRIBUNE....Public art is supposed to incite discussion and a strong reaction, but a mural that appeared recently on a north Sarasota business set off criticism over what some perceived as an improper gang-related message in a minority neighborhood.

The image in question, painted this month as part of a project wrapping up the Sarasota Chalk Festival, shows two hands reaching down with twisted fingers in a gang-related gesture with the words "fast life" spelled out (tattoo) on the fingers.

The provocative black, white and red painting appears on the wall of the Tube Dude plant at 1001 Central Ave Sarasota Fl. in a mixed-use industrial neighborhood between the Rosemary District and the majority black Newtown community.

"FAST LIFE"  A lifestyle that will land you dead or in jail at any given moment. There are many different ways to live the fast life. These include drug dealing, robbing, gang banging or prostituting your body for money. The fast life is often a perilous career path for hustlers who make money fast in the streets. Consequently, fast life hustlers that make it to old age without being imprisoned, crippled or killed is rare because negative actions have negative consequences. 

Living fast is also usually correlated with consistent heavy long-term drug and alcohol abuse and sexual promiscuity. People who live the fast life often lack morals, so they consistently choose to engage in dangerous, reckless activity that endangers their own well-being and safety as well of others.

For gang members tattoos are a way of both asserting membership in the gang and flaunting their lack of membership in straight society. For this reason, street gang members will often get tattoos on their hands (SEE PHOTO ABOVE) and faces so as to permanently bar them from being a part of normal society. The larger and more prominent the tattoo, the harder it is to hide, the more impressive it is to other gang members. For this reason, two of the most widespread gang tattoos are often found on the most visible parts of the body: the hands (SEE PHOTO ABOVE) and the face.
GANG-HAND SIGNS, "Throwing up" a gang sign (e.g., "Stacking," "walk") with the hands is one of the most known and obvious forms of "claiming." It is used in many situations where other identifiers may not be possible or appropriate, and it can also show that a gang member is in the area to "do business" as opposed to just passing through. 
Times have changed. Many gangs have learned that dressing in clothing that may identify them as a gang member may easily bring them to the attention of law enforcement. Thus, gang clothing, while still worn by many gang members, is not as prevalent as it once was.

Gang hand signs are used by street gangs and some prison gangs, as a silent language to communicate with others and unless the hand signs are used in front of the law enforcement officer, there may not be any other indication that the person is a gang member.  Gang hand signs are frequently used as a means of identifying gang members with other gang members and each gang has their own gang hand signs that they use to show allegiance to their gang or to disrespect (dis) rival gang members.

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