Sunday, November 13, 2011

Holly Bobo & Lauren Spierer Missing: Cops Don't Believe Cases Are Connected But Cops Have No Answers For Families Months Later.

Law enforcement officials say they don't believe there's any connection between two missing women's cases - Tennessee nursing student Holly Bobo who was abducted in April 2011 and Indiana fashion student Lauren Spierer who vanished in June 2011.
In a Crime Scene USA blog post of June 29 the writer talks about the similarities of these two cases – of two beautiful, young, blonde, petite women in the prime of their lives. 

The blog post states the similarities are chilling. A student at the university where Lauren attended classes before she vanished said they look so much alike he thought a photo he saw of Holly on a flyer was Lauren, see photo above.

There have been 5 identical cases of petite blonde haired white females who have just vanished from the face of the earth since September 23rd, 2010 and cops have no clues as to where any of then are or a suspect. 

I have a person of interest (POI), his name is James E. Gunterman and he is a wanted on the run sex predator out of Louisville KY with 19 counts of sex abuse on pre-teen petite white females.

Dates & times when the five blonde women were reported missing and/or abducted;
1). Karen Swift…………….. Sunday @ 5:00 am October 30th, 2011 Dyersburg TN
2). Katelyn Markham..….....Saturday @ 11:00 pm August 13th 2011 Fairfield OH
3). Lauren Spierer ….....…..Friday @ 4:30 am June 3rd 2011 Bloomington IN
4). Holly Bobo ………....….Wednesday @ 7:40 am April 13th 2011 Darden TN
5). Paige Johnson …….…Thursday @ 1:00 am September 23rd 2010 Florence KY 

Karen Swift is a very pretty white female with long blonde hair, she joins four other very pretty white females with long blonde hair, Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer, Paige Johnson and Katelyn Markham who have vanished without a trace from the Quad-State area of Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. All of these “missing” females look-alike with almost identical features.

WANTED by the Louisville Metro Police Department, Kentucky State Police and the U.S. Marshals Service, James E. Gunterman Jr. aka “Big Jim” Gunterman who is 5′ 11″ tall and weighs 250 lbs.. A man the size of ”Big Jim” Gunterman would have no problem in abducting any of the five petite missing women, Karen Swift, Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer, Paige Johnson and Katelyn Markham.

Wanted Sex Offender; Please help the Louisville Metro Police Department find the following individual, this sex offender is wanted on warrants, James Gunterman.
James E. Gunterman Jr. has been “missing” since Feb. 2009.

Ex-con rapist James “Jimmy’ Gunteman picks young looking petite white females as his victims. Last known address for sex predator James “Jimmy” Gunterman Jr in 2009 was 3416 Kramers Lane, LOUISVILLE, KY 40216, this was the River Oaks Mobile Home Trl Park.

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