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Saudi Arabian Family Name "Al-Zahrani" Linked to International Terrorism, Murder, 9/11 Hijackers, Al-Qaeda and Binghamton NY.

Sept. 23rd, 2011 Binghamton murder suspect Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani sentenced to 15 years in Elmira Correctional Facility for stabbing BU professor Richard Antoun.  Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani, a national of Saudi Arabia, pleaded guilty in May to first-degree manslaughter, according to the Broome County District Attorney’s Office. He stabbed Professor Richard Antoun multiple times in Antoun’s BU campus office.

Al-Zahrani was sentenced to a determinate term of 15 years in prison at the Elmira Correctional Facility and five years post-release supervision. As a condition of his plea, he waived his right to appeal from his conviction. It’s expected that he will be deported to Saudi Arabia upon completion of his prison term. 

Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani “acted like a terrorist” Binghamton Apartment-mates say, there are at least 10 men from Saudi Arabia with the last name Al-Zahrani who are terrorists linked to Al-Qaeda. Binghamton’s murder suspect Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani has quite the family tree. Al-Zahrani clan in Saudi Arabia has a big presence in Al-Qaeda.

"Get a load of this dirtball."..Muhammed Murdi Al-Zahrani is a citizen of Saudi Arabia who is currently held in the United States's Guantanamo Bay detention camps, in Cuba. His Guantanamo Internment Serial Number is 713. Joint Task Force Guantanamo counter-terrorism analysts estimate he was born in 1969, in Taif, Saudi Arabia. As of October 15, 2010, Muhammed Murdi Issa al Zahrani has been held at Guantanamo for eight years two months.

CBS NEWS….Faris Ahmed Jamaan al-Showeel Al-Zahrani arrested, (Arabic: فارس أحمد جمعان آل شويل الزهراني‎) was on Saudi Arabia’s list of 26 ‘most-wanted’ suspected terrorists. He was arrested in Abha by Saudi police on August 5, 2004 on charges of terrorism. His capture was considered a serious blow to Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia.

Four weeks prior to his arrest, Al-Zahrani wrote an article in which he said he was evading the Saudi crackdown. Several weeks before the arrest, Al-Zahrani said, in an interview with the online publication Voice of Jihad: “I would like to reassure the people who love me…I am careful in my movements and contacts, and I take all necessary precautions.” In the same statement, al-Zahrani rejected an amnesty that King Fahd had offered militants in June. Al-Zahrani and another man were arrested without incident, even though both were armed.

Khalid Saeed Ahmad Al-Zahrani is a Saudi citizen who traveled to Afghanistan illegally, in the late 90s’, after being prohibited by Saudi authorities from leaving Saudi Arabia. In Afghanistan Khalid Al-Zahrani joined Al Qaeda’s Al Farook training camp and was later assigned to the security force in Kandahar airport where he got acquainted with Mushabib Al Hamlan and future 9/11 hijackers like Saeed al-Ghamdi, Waleed al-Shehri and Ahmed al-Nami, Khalid Al-Zahrani was to be back up muscle for the 9/11 hijacking.

Among the additional factors Khalid Al-Zahrani faced were: The allegation that his name was found in a chat session recovered from the computer of one of the individuals involved in an attack on US Marines at Faylaka Island, Kuwait in October 2002, a Tampa Fl Marine was killed in this attack.

In summer 2001 Khalid Al-Zahrani returned to Saudi Arabia and filed an application for a visa to USA which was denied due to his radical Islamic background and being listed on the Saudi watch list. Khalid Al-Zahrani was captured in Afghanistan after operation Absolute Justice and transferred to Guantanamo on 04/20/2002.

Based on Khalid Al-Zahrani’s interrogation and other information The 9/11 Commission in USA came to the conclusion that Khalid Al-Zahrani was a candidate hijacker on 9/11 in case something should go wrong.  Khalid Al-Zahrani was among 16 Saudi citizens who were released and sent Back to Saudi Arabia on 05/19/2006.

Forname : MOHAMMED
Sex : Male
Date of birth : 18/03/1982 (29 years old)
Place of birth : TAIF , Saudi arabia
Language spoken : Arabic
Nationality : Saudi arabia

Ahmed Abdullah Al-Zahrani is a citizen of Saudi Arabia who a terrorism suspect linked to Al-Qaeda. On February 3, 2009 Saudi security officials named him as one of their list of most wanted terrorist suspects. Saudi newspaper Asharq Alawsat characterized him as a part of Al Qaeda's new generation. He is suspected of belonging to the Afghan/Pakistan branch of al Qaeda, and is suspected of currently being in Iran.

RIYADH: Mansour Al-Turki, Spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, has described the 47 wanted Saudis whose names were released Sunday as “extremely dangerous” and having the “capability to carry out any act of terrorism”. “They have had training in the use of arms, and some of them have had leadership roles in Al-Qaeda,” Al-Turki said. Speaking at a press conference Sunday, Al-Turki said that 16 of the 47 were in Yemen, 27 in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and four in Iraq, but added that their whereabouts were liable to change.

Saudi security officials published a list of 47 most wanted terrorist suspects in January 2011. According to the Saudi Gazette the list had been published by Interpol on January 5 2011.They reported one of the wanted men was 18, 34 of the men were between 20 and 30, and the remaining 12 were between 30 and 40.

The list of 47 suspects included the following individuals:
31). Nuhammad Mufrih Muhammad Al-Adwani Al-Zahrani
41). Mohammed Mohammed Al-Zahrani

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