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Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) Terrorists in Gaza Offer Ceasefire as Attacks Continue on Israel, PIJ Has Strong Presence and Support Network in Tampa Fl

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — A Gaza Strip militant group, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, spearheading a recent campaign of rocket barrages into Israel offered on Sunday to cease fire if the Israeli military would do so as well. Israel said it did not want the violence to escalate but warned it would not hesitate to defend itself.

The rocket fire has provoked retaliatory Israeli airstrikes, and on Saturday, nine militants and an Israeli civilian were killed in some of the worst violence in the area in months. The exchange of fire continued overnight, with Palestinians firing 10 rockets into Israel in the early hours of the morning, and Israeli aircraft targeting six militant sites in Gaza, the military said. No casualties were reported by either side.

Egypt had been mediating truce efforts over the weekend, and late Sunday morning, the Islamic Jihad militant group said it was ready to halt its attacks if Israel would halt its air strikes. "When all jet fighters leave the skies of Gaza we will stop firing rockets," said Dawud Shehab, a senior member of Islamic Jihad.

Saturday, May 24, 2008 PALESTINIAN ISLAMIC JIHAD, IN GAZA THE WEST BANK AND TAMPA FL The Islamic Jihad aka the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza the West Bank and Tampa Fl led by Dr. Ramadan Abdullah Shallah . Following the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas' lead, this ferocious militant group desires nothing more than to 'eliminate the Zionist entity,' as its a-political nature frees it from adhering to any ceasefire achieved between other militant groups and Israel.

Ynetnews; The Islamic Jihad, or as it is officially called The Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, is a radical Muslim terror organization operating in the Middle East and Tampa FL.

The Islamic Jihad has large cells in various Arab nations and Tampa Fl.  Financed almost exclusively by Iran, the organization's leadership is located in Syria. Iran is said to funnel several million dollars a year to the Jihad, with nearly all funds going directly to terror activities, and some towards the organization's bureaucracy, maintaining offices, salaries, weapon purchases and aiding its members' families.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad was founded by Fathi Shaqaqi and Abd al-Aziz Awda in the 1970s, as a branch of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad. In the early 1980s the two returned to Gaza and began recruiting men and funds, mostly through mosques and other religious establishments. The Jihad's Palestinian cell, known as the al-Quds Brigades, is said to have several hundred operatives, located mostly in Gaza.

TAMPA MUSLIM MAFIA….What long time Tampa based pal of convicted PIJ terrorist Sami al-Arian is in the Import-Export business of olive oil and sugar, this guy has obtained a $1 million dollar Judgment in Hillsborough County for a sugar deal gone bad out of Brazil.

The company in the report below has been importing food stuffs purchased by PIJ operatives in North America (Tampa Fl) and elsewhere for resale in Gaza and Israel with the proceeds going to the PIJ. Akar Trading co ltd ” We are direct mandates for sugar refinery in Brazil, great prices and assurances that the sugar will be delivered”. Akarco Trading Co ltd has offices in Gaza and in Israel. 
The Israeli security forces, in collaboration with the customs authorities, recently confiscated containers with tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of goods in the Ashdod Port. The purchase of the goods has allegedly been funded by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and meant to finance the organization’s activities. The confiscated goods had been sent to Abu Akar, a Gaza-based company specializing in food import is headed by Fayez Abu akar, they receive goods from Tampa Fl.
The illegal activities of Abu Aker (aka Abu Akar) Food Imports and Marketing Ltd were busted following a joint investigation by the Shin Bet and the Drugs Authority. Investigators gathered evidence that brothers Faez (aka Fayez) and Mohammad Abou Aker (aka Akar) funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad through the company,the seized goods consisted of bottles of palm oil (similar to Olive Oil).

The leaderships of Hamas and Islamic Jihad paid for goods purchased by the Abu Aker brothers abroad (Tampa Fl). Once the goods were shipped to the Gaza Strip the brothers funneled large amounts of their revenues to terrorists in the Gaza Strip. Terror elements abroad have increasingly relied on money laundering and other underworld activities to funnel funds to Palestinian terror organizations in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.
The PIJ leadership is headed by Dr. Ramadan Abdullah Shallah (formerly of TAMPA FL), who still heads the organization from his hiding place in Damascus. Abdullah makes no secret of Iran's involvement in Islamic Jihad activities: "The Palestinian Islamic Jihad is another fruit of the Ayatollah Khomeini's fructuous tree," he said during a 2002 visit to Tehran.

Dr. Sami Al-Arian (TAMPA FL): The North American leader of the Islamic Jihad, responsible for raising funds for the organization's terror activities. He was arrested in 2003 and later indicted by the US attorney general for 50 counts of operating a racketeering enterprise and supporting terror acts. He pled guilty to charges of conspiracy to help members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in nonviolent activities and sentenced to 57 months in prison.

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