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"Merchant of Death" Sarkis Soghanalian Sued By Brother Zaven Soghanalian in Binghamton New York, Zaven and Sarkis were partners in $1.4 billion Shipment of French Guns to Iraq.

Arms Dealer Sarkis Soghanalian and his brother Zaven Soghanalian, who was/is living in Binghamton New York, were business partners in the $1.4 billion shipment of French guns to Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Zaven Soghanalian in Binghamton New York is no different than his fat pig brother Sarkis Soghanalian.  Zaven Soghanalian, while living in Binghamton New York in 1981, was partners in one of the biggest illicit arms deal ever to Iraq.

The local newspaper, the Binghamton Press, seems to have no knowledge of the illicit arms deal of the 1.4 billion shipment of French guns to Saddam Hussein in Iraq by Sarkis Soghanalian and his brother Zaven Soghanalian, while Zaven Soghanalian was living in Binghamton NY. The "Soghanalian Clan of Arms Dealers" had been living in Binghamton NY since 1960.

Binghamton NY “Merchant of Death” Sarkis Soghanalian did not just go from selling used Volkswagons during the 60′s and early 70's in Binghamton NY to arming the Lebanese Christian militia in 1973 overnight.  Sarkis Soghanalian was an arms dealer while he was running his used car lot, Sarkis Foreign Car Garage, as cover, on the corner of  Sycamore Rd and the Vestal Parkway E. in Vestal NY.

In l981 Sarkis Soghanalian brokered perhaps his largest single arms sale to Iraq, the $1.4 billion shipment of French howitzers that had the secret backing of the Reagan Administration. French officials agreed to supply the big guns, Sarkis Soghanalian said during a deposition (US Federal Court), but only if they could disguise their role. At the time, the Iranian government exerted control over the fate of several French citizens being held hostage in the Mideast, SarkisSoghanalian testified, and the Mitterand government did not want to antagonize the Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran.

To accommodate the subterfuge, Sarkis Soghanalian agreed to mask the real source of the arms through a series of complicated transactions known to those involved by the code name "Vulcan." The French government agreed to pay Soghanalian and his brother, Zaven Soghanalian, a six-percent commission.

 Zaven Soghanalian sued his brother, Sarkis Soghanalian, in 1987 alleging that he was cheated out of his rightful commission, which he estimated to be between $48 million and $64 million. The two brothers also disagreed about who should receive a commission for the sale of Romanian-built rockets to Iraq. On the second day of the trial, Zaven Soghanalian decided to settle the lawsuit for an undisclosed figure, and the judge agreed to seal all records of the courtroom proceedings.  ``All I can tell you is that they have agreed and that the terms of their settlement will remain confidential,`` said Charles Kline, attorney for Zaven Soghanalian, Sarkis` younger brother.

Sarkis Soghanalian, photo above, filed a counter-suit against his brother Zaven Soghanalian in June 27, 1988;



The Plaintiff, Sarkis Soghanalian ("Sarkis"), filed a Complaint for the intentional infliction of emotional distress against Defendants, Zaven Soghanalian and Raymond Garavito. The Defendant, Zaven Soghanalian ("Zaven"), filed a Counterclaim for breach of partnership agreement, action on order of payment, conversion, alternative claim of quantum meruit and a claim for constructive trust against Plaintiff, Sarkis Soghanalian. This is an action for damages which exceeds Ten Thousand $ 10,000.00 Dollars, exclusive of interest and costs.

The Defendant, Zaven Soghanalian, stated the following facts in an affidavit signed September 23, 1987:  has maintained a permanent residence in Binghamton, New York since February 9, 1960; his wife and two children, a two year old and a four year old, spend most of the year in Binghamton NY; Zaven Soghanalian's household furnishings are in Binghamton New York; for the past twenty years. 

Zaven Soghanalian has maintained a telephone directory listing and paid utility bills in Binghamton New York; he receives mail in Binghamton New York; since 1979, he has been registered to vote in Binghamton New York; since 1961, he has had a New York driver's license and he owns two motor vehicles registered in New York State; and for approximately seventeen years, he has had a checking account in New York. Zaven Soghanalian also states ". . . although his business requires him to travel most of the year, he always intends to return" and does in fact return to his family in Binghamton, New York when his business is concluded. The "Soghanalian Clan" has been frimly entrenched in Binghamton NY since 1960.  Chambers at Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Florida, this 27th day of June, 1988.

MIAMI HERALD OBIT…Sarkis G. Soghanalian passed away on October 5, 2011. He was born February 6, 1929 in Iskanderun, Turkey to Garabet and Maritza Kapelian Soghanalian. He is survived by his wife, Shirley, his daughter Melo and her husband, Gary, and his son Garo, whom he lived with. He is also survived by three grandchildren, one of which is Garabet Soghanalian, four great grandchildren, his sister, Anahis Hartz, and his brother Zaven Soghanalian Vestal NY.

Arms dealer Sarkis Soghanalian had suppied weapons to a list of 50 significant wars that were under way during 1991 to 1994, the list  indicates that U.S. weapons exports from  Sarkis Soghanalian in Miami Fl  played a major role in fueling the ethnic and territorial conflicts that have become one of the most difficult security challenges of the post-Cold War era in Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan.  Today some of these weapons are used agasint US troops, may this fat pig Sarkis Soghanalian roast in hell.

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