Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Al-Shabaab Truck Bomb in Mogadishu Somalia Kills 70, Al-Shabaab Claimed Responsibility For Attack On It's Website Somalimemo.net Hosted by GoDaddy.com in the USA.

It is just this simple, "SHUT DOWN AL-QAEDA LINKED WEBSITES", Al-Shabaab terrorists in Somalia directly linked to Al-Qaeda, they use Al-Qaeda prepared videos and flash presentations to recruit suicide bombers and instruct with technical or other specialized knowledge bomb making and other terrorist techniques that promotes terrorist activity on their website www.somalimemo.net

The Al-Shabbab terror website www.somalimemo.net is hosted in the USA at GoDaddy.Com;
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Al-Shabaab is a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO), It is unlawful for a person in the United States or (company) subject to the jurisdiction of the United States to knowingly provide "material support or resources" to a designated FTO.

MOGADISHU....Relative calm in Somali capital shattered as Islamist militants detonate truck bomb in front of Education Ministry in Mogadishu, 70 dead, dozens wounded. "The casualties are mostly students and parents who were waiting for results of scholarships from the Ministry of Higher Education," the government said. "The attack shows that the danger from terrorists is not yet over and that there are obviously still people, who want to derail the advances that the Somali people have made towards peace."

The bomb blew up after the truck coming to a halt at a security checkpoint. It left blackened corpses on the debris-strewn street and set other vehicles alight. Uniformed soldiers were seen dragging the wounded away. The al-Qaeda-linked group al-Shabaab immediately claimed responsibility for Tuesday's attack on a website it uses, www.somalimemo.net.

It was the biggest attack in Somalia's capital since al-Shabaab withdrew most of its forces in August amid an offensive by African Union forces. The Al-shabaab group had been expected to fight back with guerrilla-style attacks, including car bombs. Several car bombs have been defused or exploded before reaching their targets in recent weeks.

Al-Shabaab Website, www.somalimemo.net, Webmaster Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki: Amriki, whose real name is Omar Hammami, is a US citizen from Daphne AL, who converted to Islam and traveled to Somalia in 2006. Once in Somalia, he quickly rose through the ranks, and now serves as a military commander, recruiter, financier, and propagandist. Amriki appears in several Shabaab propaganda tapes. Hammami has become a primary recruiter for Al Shabaab; he has issued written statements on behalf of Al Shabaab and has appeared in the terror organization's propaganda videos and audio recordings. An indictment unsealed in August 2010 charged him with providing material support to terrorists.

The Al-Shabaab has posted an article about Sarasota private investigator Bill Warner along with his photo on http://www.somalimemo.net/;

Nin Yuhuudi Mareykan ah oo horey oogu guuleystay inuu hawada ka-saaro Webseydo ay leeyiihiin kooxaha mayalka-adag,ayaa qorsheynaya inuu weerar ku soo qaado Webka keliya ee iminkadan iska leeyihiin Kooxda Alshabaab ee (www.Somalimemo.net )
Ninkan ku taqasusay inuu dabagal ku-sameeyo (IP-Adresska iyo shirkada laka kireysto Webabka ama Domainka)ayaa mudooyinkan il-gaar ah ku-hayo,dhaq-dhaqaaqyada Webkan taageera Alshabaab ee (www.Somalimemo.net )

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