Monday, October 10, 2011

13 Manatee SUR-13 Dirtbag Gang Members Taken Down By Cops and Charged With Racketeering (RICO) Charges.

Shut these dirtbags down for good, heavy time no probation.

MANATEE -- Thirteen reputed members of the SUR 13 criminal street gang have been charged with racketeering and related charges, culminating an 18-month investigation by the Manatee County Sheriff's Office and other law enforcement agencies.

The sheriff's gang unit Monday morning executed four search warrants and arrested two suspects. Four of the suspects were already in the Manatee County jail, two are in prison and five remain at large, according to a news release. Two of the suspects were also charged in 2009 homicide in Manatee County.
Those charged with racketeering and conspiracy to commit racketeering are:
-- Irwin Sanchez, 21.
-- Joel Rodriguez, 18.
-- Feliz Falcon, 21.
-- Juan Falcon, 18.
-- Daniel Fobledo, 25.
-- Luis Ortiz, 21.
-- Luciano Muniz, 21.
-- Danny Duran, 20.
-- Martin Agustin, 20.
-- Britney Vela, 19.
-- Manuel Ramirez, 20.
-- Marvin Villacorta, 19.
-- Jorge Reyes, 18.

Robledo and Ramirez were also charged with murder in the June 15, 2009, shooting death of Rolando Martinez-Rosales in Bradenton. Robledo was already in jail, charged with murder in the July 23, 2011, shooting death of Elvis Ruiz in Bradenton. Ramirez is at large.

This is the second time the sheriff's office and agencies have targeted the SUR 13 gang with a racketeering investigation. Fourteen members were arrested in July 2007, and sentenced to prison terms of up to 60 years. Other gangs (the Mafia) have been similarly targeted with racketeering charges, which are similar to how authorities have prosecuted other organized crime activities.

SEE PRIOR SUR 13 GANG POSTS....Sur 13 Gang Member and Drug Kingpin Basillio Alvardo Sentenced to 35 Years After His Arrest on Bee Ridge Rd in Sarasota Fl.

On September 17th, 2010, I posted an article, SUR-13 Gang Members Lay Claim to South Beneva Rd in Sarasota Fl As They “Tag” Fences. This South Beneva Rd area as indicated in the article was at the corner of Beneva Rd and Bee Ridge Rd just down the street from where Basillio Alvardo was arrested on June 15th.

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