Sunday, September 04, 2011

Open Letter to Dirtbag Sex Offender Who Took Lauren Spierer, "You are responsible for Lauren's disappearance, You know where she is, You are guilty of a heinous crime," writes Charlene Spierer.

Missing Student's Mom Makes Emotional Plea, 'You Have No Idea Who You Have Taken From Us,' Lauren Spierer's Mom Says.

"I have said it from the start of the Lauren Spierer investigation, in the eraly morning hours of June 3rd, 2011, that there is a sex offender who lives and/or works in the near vicinty of Lauren Spierer's residence who took her that morning."

Updated: 12:29 pm EDT September 4, 2011 (CNN) -- In an emotional open letter to the person responsible for her daughter's disappearance, the mother of missing Indiana University student Lauren Spierer pledges to never give up searching for answers. 

"If you think for a minute her father and I are going to disappear, think again," Charlene Spierer writes in the letter, written on the three-month anniversary of Lauren Spierer's disappearance and released Saturday on the family's "Find Lauren" web site.

"We are just as determined today as we were day one. You should know that Lauren is precious to us. ... We are in this for the long haul. Do you think we are going to walk away without finding out the answers? Do you think we are going to rest until we find Lauren? We will not. You have no idea who you have taken from us. We will never give up."

Lauren Spierer, a 20-year-old sophomore, was last seen early June 3 after leaving a Bloomington, Indiana, sports bar with a male student. Surveillance camera footage from an alley between the two students' apartment buildings showed them walking toward the male student's building about 3 a.m. Spierer's keys were later found in the alley (across the street from the Waffle House, open 24/7), but the petite blonde has not been seen since.
In her letter, Charlene Spierer details the heartache her family has experienced since the disappearance. She writes that as students returned to Indiana University for the fall semester, her family was packing her daughter's possessions and shipping them home. "Nineteen boxes," she said. "Can you imagine that so much promise would fit into 19 boxes? I won't go into the details of what it was like to pack Lauren's things. I will just tell you it was excruciating. Every moment was excruciating."

Charlene Spierer writes that she and her daughter share many things. "Today I can add to that list," she says -- the day that marks three months since the disappearance is also Charlene Spierer's birthday. MORE FROM CNN.....
Let’s get real here, let's get downright Medieval serious here about the Waffle House. Lauren Spierer is very, very young looking, she is 20 years old with blond hair and blue eyes, but at 4′ 11″ tall and 98 lbs she looks like a 13 year old or even younger and fits the profile of a target for a sex offender who just might be working in the the neighborhood, see info click here. 
Lauren Spierer was living at the SMALLWODD PLAZA APARTMENTS 455 N. COLLEGE AVE, Bloomington IN 47404, there are two troubled ex-con sex offenders working just across the street at the Waffle House 530 N COLLEGE AVE.
Lauren Spierer's keys were found in the alley across the street from the Waffle House that is open 24/7 and which has employed ex-con sex offenders, see click here, we call these facts clues. 
On or about June 10th, 2011, The U.S. Marshals Office completed a search for the 20 registered sex offenders who live or work within a half-mile of Lauren Spierer’s apartment building (do it again). There are several unregistered sex offenders in the Bloomington area that the U.S. Marshals Service was still looking for, see list click here.

One of the convicted sex offenders working at the Waffle House is John Chitwood he was convicted in April of 1996 for Child Molesting he did 5 years of a 13 year sentence with 8 years suspended in the Indiana State Prison system he got out April 2001.

John Chitwood is a two time convicted sex offender he went back to prison in April of 2003 for Child Molesting he was released this time in Jan of 2004, see Indiana Dept. of Corrections info click here. John Chitwood, DOB 7/15/1962, age 48, is a registered sex offender until the year 2062, he is a serious sex offender working at the Waffle House right across the street from where Lauren Spierer was living.

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