Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cartoonists Plan Sept. 11 Anniversary Tribute In Comic Strips Nationwide on Sunday 9/11/2011.

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Sept. 11 is etched in the memories of millions, and as the 10th anniversary nears, cartoonists are etching their thoughts and emotions about 9/11 into comic strips.

With the anniversary falling on a Sunday, more than 90 cartoonists with five different syndicates have banded together to dedicate their strips on Sept. 11 to those whose lives were lost in the attacks. Sept. 11-themed strips will appear from the writers and artists of "Family Circus," ''Mallard Fillmore," "Candorville," "Doonesbury" and "Pluggers," among others.

Jeff Keane, who co-authors "The Family Circus," was immediately sold on the idea when approached by King Features, his syndicate. "I knew that it was something that I think would work for 'Family Circus' if I could find the approach for it," he told The Associated Press. "Because 'Family Circus' is more of a realistic look at family, and I don't necessarily have a cartoon that is a 'joke a day,' but more sentimental and more emotional, it was easier for me to look at it that way."

Jim Borgman, the co-creator of "Zits" with Jerry Scott, about a permanent teenager and his parents, called the upcoming anniversary something that cannot be ignored. "As a cartoonist we would have all been wondering 'Is it OK to deal with this topic in our work?' Of course you can, but there is something comforting about the thought that a bunch of us are going to be struggling to say something on that day," he said. "My colleagues — cartoonists — are an astonishingly varied and talented group of people. I fully expect we'll see a broad range of approaches that day." MORE FROM THIS SOURCE..

Desperation forced a horrific decision on 9/11/01, Jump or Burn.

Sept. 11th, 2001....For the 1,400 people in the top 19 floors of the north tower WTC, there was no escape after the first jet smashed into the 94th through 98th floors at 8:46 a.m. But the people on the top floors of the south tower still had the chance to run, and for them, delay meant death.

They had just 16½ minutes before a second jet, United Airlines Flight 175, would tear through the 78th through 84th floors of their building. In that brief window of time, 2,000 people from those floors and up faced a critical choice: stay or go. They didn't know what was coming, but if they moved quickly enough, they survived.

Fourteen hundred people fled from the top floors of the south tower to the safe zone below the 78th floor.  Six hundred did not.

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