Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bloomington Sex Offenders Investigated in Lauren Spierer Disappearance, About Time, I Profiled These Creeps Back On June 8th.

July 09, 2011 ...Lauren Spierer disappeared in the early morning hours of June 3, 2011. Since her disappearance few leads have surfaced and her parents are becoming more and more worried about the outcome of this investigation. Curiously enough in the case of Lauren Spierer, police have only recently acknowledged that they are investigating local sex offenders.

There are roughly 20 registered sex offenders in the area of Bloomington, Indiana from where Lauren Spierer disappeared. Police claim to have located all of the registered offenders in the region and have begun investigating them. However, they have refused to acknowledge as to whether any of these registered sex offenders are persons of interest in the disappearance of the 20-year old fashion student, more from this source...

NEWS TALK 10/10, Sex Offenders Vetted in Spierer Mystery... July 08, 2011. Registered sex offenders who live or work in a half-mile radius of the apartment where missing Indiana University student Lauren Spierer [[ SPEER-ur ]] lived have been investigated by federal agents. WTHR-TV reports the US Marshal's Office searched for all 20 offenders in the area, finding them all. The Monroe County Sheriff's Department would not comment on whether or not any of those offenders have been cleared or are suspects in the 20-year-old's disappearance. Spierer has been missing since the early morning hours of June 3rd.

Lauren Spierer has been missing since early Friday morning, June 3rd, and was last seen at the corner of 11th St. and College Ave. (she was walking South on College Ave.) in Bloomington, IN at 4:15 A.M.. prior to that Lauren Spierer had been at Kilroy’s Sports Bar at 319 North Walnut Street, Bloomington, IN where she left her cell phone and shoes.

Earlier Lauren Spierer was at a friends place at SMALLWODD PLAZA APARTMENTS 455 N. College Ave, Bloomington IN, police have removed the security tapes and computers from the office at the SMALLWODD PLAZA APARTMENTS there are two sex offenders working at the Waffle House Rest at 530 N. College Ave (corner of 10th Street and College Ave) that is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, see map CLICK HERE.

The Waffle House Rest. address at 530 N. College Ave is directly across the street from the SMALLWODD PLAZA APARTMENTS at 455 N. College Ave where Lauren Spierer lived.

Lauren Spierer was last seen walking south on College Avenue from 11th Street on her way back to her apartment in Smallwood Plaza located at 455 N. College Avenue, she would have passed right in front of the Waffle House parking lot at 530 N. College Ave.

Does Indiana Univ warn students living off campus of the possible dangers of registered sex offenders living or working near apartment complexes where the students might rent?

Let’s get real here, Lauren Spierer is very young looking, she is 20 years old with blond hair and blue eyes, but at 4′ 11″ tall and 98 lbs she looks like a 13 year old.  A hard target search of the 17 registered sex offenders living and working in the near vicinty of Kilroy’s Sports Bar at 319 North Walnut Street should have been at the top of the list for the Bloomington Police Dept.

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