Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Top Ten Anti-Muslim Websites That Seek Donations to Counter Creeping Islamization Of the World, The Anti-Muslim Inner Circle.

1). Geert Wilders Freedom Party website, front page plastered with PayPal Buttons, he links to Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, see
2). David Horowitz Freedom Center website, you can send this clown $25 to $2,000 to fight the good fight, he links to Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer works for him, but where does the cash really go, see
3). FrontPageMag website, owned and run by David Horowitz with an assist from Robert Spencer and links to Pamela Geller, here you can send $25 to $500, see
4). Jihad Watch website, owned by David Horowitz and run by Robert Spencer with almost daily links to Scamela Geller, "Your donation to Jihad Watch is tax deductible and will be allocated for use for SIOA projects", see
5). Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) website, run by so-called directors Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer with their mouthpiece attorney DAVID YERUSHALMI, "Send me the money", not sure what this group actually does here, see website
6). FREEDOM DEFENSE INITIATIVE (FDI) website, organization launched by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, "just send cash" see
7). Atlas Shrugs website, another open sore run by Pamela Geller who is known only for her criticisms of Islam and opposition to Muslim activities and causes, she works hand in hand with Robert Spencer.  American journalist Jeffrey Goldberg, who frequently writes about topics relating to Israel and the Middle East, has described Geller as a "bigoted blogger" and noted her support of South African white supremacist Eugène Terre'Blanche, see her website
8). Muslims Against Sharia website, another David Horowitz Freedom Center creation which at times had requested donations sent to the PO Box registered to the David Horowitz Freedom Center in California, see their webiste
9). English Defense league (EDL) website, "Tommy Robinson" leader of the English Defence League (EDL) was Recruiting Neo-Nazis, Drunken Football Thugs And Skinheads for anti-Muslim rallies, the EDL had linked directly to Robert Spencer and Jihad Watch on their website and is supported by Pamela Geller, currently Paypal has shut down their donation page, see here, see website
10). Stop Islamization of England (SIOE) website, Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) website was an offshoot of SIOE, SIOE is run by Anders Gravers and Stephen Gash with direct links to Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, see SIOE website

The Anti-Muslim Inner Circle, Southern Poverty Law Center, June 22nd, 2011.....The apparent recent surge in popular anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States has been driven by a surprisingly small and, for the most part, closely knit cadre of activists, that include PAMELA GELLER, DAVID HOROWITZ, ROBERT SPENCER and their mouthpiece attorney DAVID YERUSHALMI.

ATTORNEY DAVID YERUSHALMI......ORGANIZATION President of the Society of Americans for National Existence (SANE); principal of Stop the Madrassa.

CREDENTIALS General counsel for the Center for Security Policy (see Frank J. Gaffney Jr., above); also, an attorney representing SIOA. Yerushalmi drafted a proposed law filed this year in the Tennessee legislature that would subject anyone who advocates or adheres to Shariah customs to up to 15 years in prison; he drafted a similar bill in Georgia in 2008.

SUMMARY David Yerushalmi equates Shariah with Islamic radicalism so totally that he advocates criminalizing virtually any personal practice compliant with Shariah. In his view, only a Muslim who fully breaks with the customs of Shariah can be considered socially tolerable.

David Yerushalmi waxes bloodthirsty when describing his preferred response to the supposed global threat of Shariah law, speaking casually of killing and destroying. Ideally, he would outlaw Islam and deport Muslims and other "non-Western, non-Christian" people to protect the United States' "national character." An ultra-orthodox Jew, he is deeply hostile toward liberal Jews.  David Yerushalmi derides U.S.-style democracy because it allows more than just an elite, privileged few to vote.

IN HIS OWN WORDS "On the so-called Global War on Terrorism, GWOT, we have been quite clear along with a few other resolute souls. This should be a WAR AGAINST ISLAM and all Muslim faithful. … At a practical level, this means that Shari'a and Islamic law are immediately outlawed. Any Muslim in America who adopts historical and traditional Shari'a will be subject to deportation. Mosques which adhere to Islamic law will be shut down permanently. No self-described or practicing Muslim, irrespective of his or her declarations to the contrary, will be allowed to immigrate to this country."

— A 2007 commentary entitled "War Manifesto — The War Against Islam," as reported by The American Muslim,  "The more carefully reviewed evidence, however, suggests that because jihadism is in fact traditional Islam modernized to war against the ideological threat posed by the West against Islam proper, there is no way to keep faithful Muslims out of the war. If this is true, any Muslim who sticks his neck out of the mosque to yell some obscenity at the West should be considered an enemy combatant and killed or captured and held for the duration of the war. If you kill enough of them consistently enough, those disinclined to fight in the first place will find a way to reform their religion."

I have had a lot of inter-action with gasbag David Yerushalmi, he is the attorney of record in my Federal Lawsuit filed against Pamela Geller et al, David Yerushalmi appears to be taping my conversations with him without my knowledge, my last inter-action with this gasbag left off with me saying "I'm tired of this Geller bitch and you people. I want this information, Goodbye", I had wriiten down what I said to keep a memo of the conversation but  David Yerushalmi had it word for word days later in a Motion he filed with the court, naughty boy.

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