Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sarasota Criminal Defense Attorney Derek Byrd Goes to Bat For Newtown Thug Shawn Tyson, Claims Murder Case is Weak.

SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE, British tourist slayings: Case against Tyson may be tough to make.   Convincing a jury that Shawn Tyson killed two British tourists could be a major challenge for prosecutors, who so far do not have a murder weapon, a signed confession or someone who witnessed the crime. A woman in the Courts housing projects told detectives that Tyson ran from the scene and dove into a window of his mother's house just after shots rang out.

But she also reported seeing a second, unidentified man running away, whom defense attorneys likely would make a central figure in the trial. That man has still not been identified, so it could be argued that the unidentified man was the real killer, experts say. "This missing second person gives Shawn Tyson's defense a very convenient and very acceptable defense of: This other person did it, Shawn had nothing to do with it," said Sarasota defense lawyer Derek Byrd, an experienced murder trial attorney who is not involved in the Tyson case.

Not all the evidence the police have collected has been made public. Detectives have recovered text messages between Tyson and his friends after the shooting on Saturday April 16th, but have not revealed their content.

And detectives continue to work leads. There is also a pending DNA test at labs that detectives hope will connect Tyson to the tourists' clothing.  But there is that second person, making it easier for defense attorneys to create a reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors, Byrd said. "There's still a hill for the state to climb," Byrd said. "That's not the easiest case for them to prove."

What a load, criminal defense attorneys are paid to distort the truth and place doubt in the mind of juries to get their clients off, "money talks do the crime pay the dime and do no time".  Criminal defense attorneys put rapists, car jackers, child molesters and murderers like Shawn Tyson back on the streets for you and me to deal with.

UPDATE: Wednesday June 15h, 2011 at 10:23 am...Police investigate another Newtown shooting, this is on top of the dead guy they found on MLK on Monday June 13th, Sarasota Thug Willie Hadley, 21, Found Dead On Violent Streets of Newtown, He Was Just Let Out of Jail.  The thugs are running wild and have turned Newtown into a shooting gallery.

Criminal Defense Attorneys are paid to distort the truth: Case in point , OJ Simpson who paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to his criminal defense attorney Robert Kardashian (Kim K's dad) to beat a sure thing murder case, Simpson get's off, two people are slaughtered but Simpson screws up years later and is now where he belongs, in prison.

Look at that jackass criminal defense attorney Jose Baez over in Orlando, Casey Anthony Trial Outrageous Statements Made by Criminal Defense Attorney Jose Baez, Criminal Defense Attorneys “Distort The Truth who is trying to make the jury believe that Caylee Anthony drowned in the family pool and that the whole Anthony family is covering up her death to protect sociopath Casey Anthony, get real.

SEE… Profile of the Sociopath, click here, they should post a photo of Casey Anthony.

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