Sunday, June 05, 2011

FBI File: Lynard Allan Bigcas Stolen Car Ring From Houston to Manila With Gun-Running To International Terrorist Groups, Cars Are Cash for Guns Says Private Eye.

HOUSTON to MANILA - When Hollywood screenwriter Skip Woods hired the services of a private investigation firm to locate his prized customized motorbike stolen in Texas last year, little did he expect that it would be traced halfway around the world in the Philippine southern island of Mindanao.

Apart from Skip Woods' US $80,000 Harley Davidson bike, 24 other smuggled cars and motorcycles were seized during a raid by Philippine National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) agents aided by a tip-off from the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The FBI later confirmed that eight vehicles seized in the raid were stolen from the US based on their serial numbers. The recovery of the stolen US vehicles in the Philippines has put a spotlight on the country's rampant smuggling and ports corruption at a container port in Mindanao Manila.

Skip Woods, a collector of custom-made vehicles, wrote the screenplays for Swordfish, Hitman and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. His chopper was among 14 motorcycles, three all-terrain vehicles, two SUVs, a sports car, a shotgun and ammunition for assault rifles recovered by police in raids in Cagayan de Oro and nearby Bukidnon province, Misamis Oriental provincial Police Chief Graciano Mijares said. Police are looking for a Filipino who was selling the motorcycle online, Mijares said. The FBI sought assistance in the recovery of Woods' motorcycle, Yap said.

Lynard Allan Bigcas, a Mindanao-based importer, a US immigrant and the main suspect in the luxury vehicle smuggling racket, allegedly received the seized shipment from Hispanic car thieves in Houston, Texas, according to officials. NBI authorities have also accused Bigcas of involvement in illegal gun-running with possible links to international terrorist groups after several high-powered firearms and ammunition were recovered during the May 3rd 2011 raid.

Lynard Allan Bigcas said during the congressional hearing that he imported the luxury vehicles by disassembling and shipping them in so-called "balikbayan" boxes (as car parts), or door-to-door shipments, by overseas Filipino workers that are not subject to tariffs and then reassembling the cars in Manila.  This is standard operating procedure for stolen car rings who take the stolen cars apart and ship them as "car parts" so that the customs agents will not check the VIN numbers.

MANILA..All balikbayan boxes arriving in the country should undergo mandatory X-ray inspections. Under the present procedure, balikbayan boxes are not required to pass through X-ray machine inspection unless there has been an alert on the shipment.

Suansing’s proposal cropped up when businessman Lynard Allan Bigcas admitted during a House of Representatives hearing that some of his motorcycles were disassembled or “chop-chop" abroad then shipped in balikbayan boxes to Philippines. The deputy customs commissioner said Bigcas still has to pay the appropriate duties and taxes on the “chop-chop" vehicles.

Suansing said the Law Division of the BOC-District Cagayan de Oro will summon Bigcas to explain his importation of the luxury vehicles, motorcycles and spare parts. It was reported that President Benigno Aquino III OF MANILA himself is looking into the BOC after the agency’s failure to detect the shipment of 25 luxury cars and motorcycles Bigcas allegedly smuggled into the country.

Customs and Border Guards in Canada & USA at Sea Ports do not check the VIN on car parts. It is known tactic of the exporting car theives to remove the engine and the transmission and cut a vehicle in half and ship all together as car parts. Certain Import-Export Used Car Dealers and Auto Body Shops know these tricks.

When received on the other end, crews re-assemble the stolen vehicle and weld back together, quick paint job and out the door goes a late model Lexus or Hummer in Lebanon for resale at better than US or Canada retail prices, big money when re-sold and most likely aids in the support of terrorism.

Same scam is run out of the Port of Tampa Fl, see my prior post, Sunday, August 24, 2008, FOLLOW THE MONEY AND THE STOLEN CARS, AL-QAEDA MASTERS TERRORISM ON THE CHEAP.

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