Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Connect The Dots On Newtown Thugs, Raheem Maxwell, Michael Donaldson, Willie Hadley and Shawn Tyson To Get UnSub Shooter in Brit Murders.

Since the murder of British Tourists James Cooper and James Kouzaris on April 16th Newtown Fl has been nothing but a shooting gallery with Sarasota thugs capping one another, jacking cars and pulling armed robberies.

As Shawn Tyson reportedly said in today's Sarasota Heralad Tribune "It's trill."  An inmate at the Sarasota County Jail said Tyson was brought into a cell about 4:14 a.m. while others were sleeping. The inmate asked Tyson why he was in jail and asked, "What happened?" Tyson reportedly whispered: "It's trill," a slang term for "gangster." Then, without a prompt from the other inmate, Tyson reportedly said, "Yeah, I did it."
"Take care of your business nigga but don't rush it move slowly, Undercover with a birds eyes view, behind glass that's tinted, No licensee plates and expired ain't no telling who's in it, When you get paid, get another piece (gun), tell me what you gone do, When all them niggas you've been capping on get to capping on you, Would you cry like a bitch, run up in yourself like a man, Or call on jesus when you see that warm blood on your hands".
It is believed that Shawn Tyson may have not been the only one involved in the shooting of British Tourists James Cooper and James Kouzaris, see article June 7th, SARASOTA: Details in British Tourist Murder Case Released, Shawn Tyson’s Back-Up Man Hunted He Was Wearing A Red Bandanna, See Photo Above.

What’s Goin Down In Newtown, Gangsta Raheem Maxwell Shot on MLK Blvd and Gangsta Michael Donaldson Hijacks Car At Gunpoint to Flee Area Just Days After British Tourists Murdered, see article click here.
Monday June 13 2011, Sarasota Thug Willie Hadley, 21, his photo above, Found Dead On Violent Streets of Newtown, He Was Just Let Out of Jail, was he a member of Shawn Tyson’s gang.
Saturday April 23rd 2011..According to a Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office report, Prince Singletary was in the parking lot of the Siesta Inn in the 4800 block of N. Tamiami Trail North Sarasota Fl when the car jacker, Michael Tyrone Donaldson, approached him just before 11 am and offered him money for a ride to Mcdonald’s near the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport.  While en route back to the motel, Donaldson pointed a gun at the driver, told him to drive east on University Parkway and to remove his pants, deputies reported.

SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE Last Modified: Monday, April 25, 2011 at 11:42 a.m. . A 20-year-old man is recovering from being shot in both legs Sunday night.  At about 9 p.m., Sunday April 24th, police responded to a reported shooting at Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Dixie Avenue. Paramedics took Raheem Maxwell of Sarasota to Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg. Investigators said Raheem Maxwell’s injuries are not life threatening.  They have no suspects.

Raheem Maxwell age 20 appears to be a Newtown bad boy, he has local Sarasota charges for drug possession, agravated assault with intent to commit a felony, robbery with a firearm and robbery with a firearm again.   Gee, Raheem Maxwell, age 20, appears to be a gangbang gangsta, surprise, surprise.

Just another normal day on MLK in Newtown with drug deals, car jackings and shootings, but the cockroaches are scrambling in Newtown.

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