Saturday, May 28, 2011

Second Suspect Sought In Murder of British Tourists James Cooper and James Kouzaris in Newtown Fl, Told You So!

SARASOTA HERLD TRIBUNE May 27th, 2011..SARASOTA COUNTY - Prosecutors investigating the fatal shooting of two British tourists more than a month ago suggested Friday they were on the verge of new breaks in the case.  To justify keeping public records in the case sealed, they told a judge they need two more weeks to track down another person and to gather "crucial pieces" of forensic evidence.

Details about the evidence and about the person — described as "still at large" — remain secret. Prosecutors said the person was involved or present at the time of the murders.  Prosecutors already have charged 16-year-old Shawn Tyson with murder, saying he shot the two tourists at a housing project in the Newtown neighborhood after they left downtown Sarasota bars April 16. Tyson remains in the Sarasota County jail.

"Shawn Tyson was not smart enough to tie his sneakers, there is no way he could have planned the robbery and murder of British tourists James Cooper and James Kouzaris by himself".

REAL DEAL OR HOAX.."I know a guy who was involved in killing those tourists, he was bragging a couple of days ago he said he was trying to score "Ice" and helped kill them". The above text message came in on Monday May 2nd, 2011 at 6:27 p.m., it was one of 34 text messages that came in from "Candy" on May 2nd and May 3rd that followed up her first 3 text messages that initially came in on April 16th, 2011 from her cell 941-587-XXXX. 

 "Candy" claims that there is a second shooter in the murder of James Cooper and James Kouzaris, "Candy" claims that the Brits were robbed so the Newtown thugs could have cash to buy more "Ice" (crystal meth). "Candy" claims she knows the name of the 2nd shooter and she sent me a name and a photo of a young black male. 

"Candy" refuses to talk on the phone, she will only take text messages, she has refused to meet in person and now refuses to talk to the Sarasota Police Department. "Candy" claims she is too scared and confused and regrets ever contacting me, sorry girl, but if you are involved or have information on the murder of the two Brit tourists your time is running out, if it is a hoax I hope you end up with criminal charges.

All the information concerning "Candy's" cell phone number 941-587-XXXX and the information about a name and photo of a unknown black male were turned over to the Sarasota Police Department initially on April 20th and then again on May 3rd after I received the additional 34 text messages from "Candy" a nut case or is she snitchin on some Newtown thug.

DAILY EXPRESS NEWS UK APRIL 23rd 2011..By Adrian Lee. Newtown is a district that one man in Sarasota knows better than most. Bill Warner is a veteran private investigator who has called this area his patch for almost 20 years. “It’s horrible,” Bill Warner says. “At any time of day there are drug deals being done and guys acting as spotters on the look out for police. There is a lot of crime and it’s not a nice place to be.

"You don’t go there at night, period". If I have to do surveillance work in Newtown I always carry a weapon.”Warner has his own theory, that the friends may have been the victims of a honey-trap, deliberately lured there by women. Police have traced two women seen on CCTV talking for 37 minutes to the Britons in Smokin’ Joe’s bar in the hours leading up to the shootings. Detectives stress they are not suspects but there’s still a gap between that time and the men leaving the downtown area.
Warner says: “In my opinion this was a set-up. They were enticed there and the motive was robbery so the killers could buy more "Ice". Earlier in the evening at the bars around Main Street they were going from table to table talking to women. The kid, Shawn Tyson, the police have charged is just a goon, a high school dropout. He is not the brains of this operation. They probably got shot because they ran or resisted. “The area where these guys died is off the beaten track. You don’t just wander in there. I’m sure they were driven there.” Witness reports suggest that a gang of masked men were lying in wait for the Britons. Read more:

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