Thursday, May 05, 2011

Me and Osama bin Laden use the same gun, a semi automatic 9mm Makarov made in Russia

Me and Osama bin Laden use the same gun, a semi automatic 9mm Makarov made in Russia, it has a 8 round clip which I fill with hollow point bullets

FOX NEWS....When Bin Laden was shot in a room on the top floor of the house he was not armed but had an AK-47 assault rifle and a 9 mm Makarov pistol within reach. After the building was secured the team seized about 100 USB drives, DVDs, computer disks, five computers and 10 hard drives.

Small world, I have had a  9mm Makarov, for over ten years, it is durable, accurate and dependable it has never jammed.  The Makarov Is a great double action semi automatic defensive pistol of fair power for personal defense, great accuracy, and superb dependability.

The Makarov Pistol is a great gun. Slightly smaller than a .38 special, the gun is accurate, dependable, convenient beyond belief and a great comfort as a personal defense weapon. 

The semi automatic 9mm Makarov is smooth and won't snag clothing and although it's a Soviet design pistol, so much of it is copied from earlier German and Czech designs that it still looks really really cool.   Comparing the Makarov to the Walther PPK, I would have to say that the Makarov is "Ten Times The Gun At One Tenth The Price".

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