Monday, April 25, 2011

"No Questions Asked" Sarasota Pawn Shop Businesses Charged in Sting Operation, Black-Market Fencing Easy Cash For Burglars & Armed Robbers.

SARASOTA April 25th, 2011....The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office recently conducted a county wide sting operation to determine levels of compliance within the Pawn Shop and Secondhand Dealer industries.

The Sarasota Police Department, Venice Police Department and North Port Police Department assisted with the undercover operation to sell gold jewelry to each business. Many were found to be in compliance. However, a number of businesses were operating under a “no questions asked” policy, making no attempt to properly document the seller information, record the items being purchased or obtain the seller’s fingerprint, all of which are state requirements.

To date, personnel from five local businesses were charged with violating Florida law, which requires a standardized report of their transactions. The businesses recently cited were:
1). World Coin and Jewelry, 1509 Main St., Sarasota Fl
2). Commodity Exchange, 1918 Bay Rd., Sarasota Fl
3). Kamax Corporation, 3434 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota Fl
4). K’s Jewelers, 4288 Bee Ridge Rd., Sarasota Fl
5). American Gold and Coin (Pawn Stars), 4241 Bee Ridge Rd., Sarasota Fl

Kamax Pawn Shop and SUN Check Cashers, gold and silver bought and sold, 3434 N Tamiami Trl, Sarasota, FL is at the west end of Newtown.

While these violations are misdemeanors under Florida law, investigators consider these bad practices to be serious because these businesses are essentially functioning as a black-market fencing operation by providing easy cash to burglars and thieves who are responsible for the increasing number of residential burglaries in Sarasota County.

British tourists James Cooper and James Kouzaris shot dead in Florida may have been lured into an ambush after being driven to the crime plagued area of Newtown for an attempted robbery, Sarasota police believe. James Cooper was wearing what looked like an expensive watch on Saturday April 16th, 2011.

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