Thursday, April 21, 2011

Did Mob Boss Whitey Bulger Die in a Costa Rica Hospital? Who Gets the $2 Million Reward If He Did, Boston Herald Wants to Know?

April 21st 2011 9:00 am BOSTON HERLAD NEWS...$2M question: Has Whitey departed? Pssst, pass it on – Boston underworld czar Whitey Bulger’s bum ticker recently gave out in Costa Rica, and his longtime gal pal Catherine Greig had his remains cremated.

Here is the official statement from the Boston FBI office, as delivered by Special Agent Gregory Comcowich:“The FBI has no credible information to indicate that Bulger is deceased. Until the FBI receives credible verified information that he has died, the FBI will continue its fugitive investigation.”

Man, those G-men must have bigger expense accounts than Trump’s P.I.’s in Hawaii. Needless to say, his old mates were somewhat less than distraught about the rumors of his death, no matter how unfounded they may be.

Back in February of this year I posted an article about Mob Boss Whitey Bulger being in a Hospital, "James ‘Whitey’ Bulger could be hiding out in Ireland or he could be next to death lying in a hospital bed in the USA". Posted: February 19, 2011 by pibillwarner in crime and terrorism.

I had received a series of frantic calls in February 2011 from a man who claimed he knew that Whitey Bulger was in a Hospital and was near death, he would not tell me where this Hospial was located, he wanted me to contact the FBI for reward payment.

Over a 3 day period in February 2011 this guy told me that Whitey Bulger had gone into a Hospital for an operation on his legs and that there had been some sort of complication that affected his heart and that he eventually died.
It appears that Whitey Bulger had been using a walker for support and had gone into the hospital for corrective work, most likely knee problems at his age.  My contact went on to report that Whitey Bulger had also had some 'plug work' and his hair line did look like the FBI enhanced photo and that Bulger also had problems with his upper teeth and had them pulled and replaced with an upper plate, all problems that people above the age of 65 start to experience.

My contact went on to state that he was calling from somewhere in the USA (blocked phone call) but that I could be in the city were Bulger was Hospitalized within 2 hours,  I am in Sarasota Fl a flight to Costa Rica takes about two hours.  The contact stated that Whitey Bulger was of course registered in this hospital under the assumed name he has been using for years.

February 19, 2011 "James ‘Whitey’ Bulger could be hiding out in Ireland or he could be next to death lying in a hospital bed in the USA".

I questioned the contact about how was Whitey Bulger paying for his "operation" at the Hospital, did he have insurance under his assumed name, the contact answered that Bulger was paying cash.

My contact also went on to state that Whitey Bulger's brother William had been contacted and had been to the Hospial before Whitey Bulger died, this was prior to February 19th 2011.

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