Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brits James Cooper and James Kouzaris searching for a meal in the early hours in Sarasota missed a turn it cost them their lives, so claims Daily Mail, don't buy it.

DAILY MAIL UK NEWS REPORTS; Florida Britons searching for a meal in the early hours missed a turning. It cost them their lives.  The two British tourists shot dead in a Florida ghetto could have made a fatal wrong turn while walking to a 24-hour diner for an early morning breakfast, police said yesterday.

Detectives are exploring an innocent but increasingly compelling explanation of just how James Cooper and James Kouzaris could have ended up on a run-down estate after a night out in the upmarket resort of Sarasota. Captain Paul Sutton admitted that detectives had previously ignored ‘lifestyle differences’ between Britons and Americans and assumed the tourists would never have dreamed of trying to get around on foot. 

The Gator Bar, the last venue that police believe the pair visited early on Saturday morning, is just 1.5miles away from a branch of IHOP, a popular 24-hour diner chain and one of the few places in the city to get food at that hour.  Captain Sutton said the IHOP was a popular early-morning destination for drinkers after the city’s bars close at 2am.


I happened to be in the lobby of the Sarasota Police Department yesterday when 3 British reporters were badgering Captain Paul Sutton with their "theory" that Brits James Cooper and James Kouzaris would have walked the 1 1/2 miles from downtown Sarasota to the IHOP on the corner of 12th Street and Rte 301 (N. Washington St), this was the theory of the 3 British reporters NOT Captain Paul Sutton.

Sarasota Police Department Captain Paul Sutton tried to explain to the British reporters that their is public tranportation (taxi) always sitting near the Gator Club to take anyone home or anyplace else, world travelers James Cooper and James Kouzaris would have been accustomed to using public transportation.
Sarasota Police Department Captain Paul Sutton also explained to the 3 British reporters that it was still failry hot at night, about 73 degrees, and such a walk to the IHOP would not have been very comfortable.

The theory of the 3 British reporters was that "The IHOP is on 12th street while the men eventually turned off on 21st street. It is possible that they confused the digits for the two streets",  this is not true, the murder scene is off of Carver Street that travels into Carver Crt where the actual shooting of James Cooper and James Kouzaris took place (see map above). 

SARASOTA HERLAD TRIBUNE April 20th, 2011 According to an eyewitnesses, the bodies of Brits James Cooper and James Kouzaris were found about 40 feet apart on opposite sides of Carver Court in Sarasota, Fla.

21st Street is 3 more blocks North of Carver St, if James Cooper and James Kouzaris were looking for 21st Street they would have continued walking North on N. Orange Ave past 17th Street, 18th Street, 19th Street, Carver St, 20th Street and so on, they would not have turned onto Carver Street, and they DID NOT turn on 21st Street.  

The British reporters obviously did not walk the supposed route, they also did not bother getting into a vehicle and driving up N. Orange Ave to see where the actual crime scene was.  James Cooper and James Kouzaris, if they were "wandering" around on N. Orange Ave looking for the IHOP, would not have turned off of N. Orange onto Carver St. looking for a IHOP.

Carver St. is clearly marked on the corner of Carver and N. Orange (see photo above) with a NO TRESPASSING SIGN and a WARNING THIS AREA PATROLLED BY UNDERCOVER POLICE OFFICERS”, real nice neighborhood. The Daily Mail article is nonsence.

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