Friday, April 29, 2011

BBC News.. Sarasota Mayor Kelly Kirschener Admits Release of Jailed Thug Shawn Tyson Was A Mistake One Day Prior to Murder of Brits James Cooper and James Kouzaris.

BBC News....Authorities in Florida have admitted they were wrong to release a 16-year-old boy hours before he allegedly shot and killed two British holidaymakers, James Kouzaris and James Cooper (seen in photo above). Shawn Tyson was held in Sarasota on 7 April after shots were fired at a car (by him).

A judge said he was concerned the boy posed a danger to the public but his warning was not passed on to a second judge who released him on 15 April. Hours later the boy was arrested over the murders of James Cooper and James Kouzaris (at 3:00am April 16th, 2011).

Mr Cooper, 25, of Warwick, and Mr Kouzaris, 24, of Northampton, were shot dead in a housing estate in the Newtown area of the city on 16 April. BBC North America correspondent Andy Gallacher said he understood the weapon used on 7 April  (a .38 caliber revolver) was also used to shoot dead the men (and has not been recovered).

Sarasota Mayor Kelly Kirschener (his photo above) appears to be blaming the State Prosecutor's Office in Sarasota for the death of James Cooper and James Kouzaris "The state prosecutor's office has already said that they will ensure nothing like that will ever happen again".

The Mayor of Sarasota, Kelly Kirschener, said: "Obviously there was a significant failure there (State Prosecutor's Office) and it is a conversation that they are having. "That's no consolation for the families and we accept that, but there was certainly a breakdown there as well." MORE FROM THIS SOURCE..

Sarasota; State Prosecutor's Office attorney blames his assistant for not putting a note an a official form requesting that a Sarasota Police Detective attend Shawn Tyson's hearing on April 15th.  The blame game continues......

SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE....British tourist murder case reveals prosecutor problems.    A misplaced note containing a judge's order was the first of several errors that helped free a 16-year-old boy just hours before police say he shot and killed two British tourists in Newtown.  A prosecutor scribbled the note to his assistant rather than putting it on an official form. She put it in the file but never followed through on the order that might have kept the teenager, Shawn Tyson, in jail the day before the April 16 shooting.

Beyond that, prosecutors swapped duties as part of a rotating work schedule. So a different prosecutor was sent to a hearing where Tyson was eventually was released to his mother's custody rather than be held in jail. (WHAT A JOKE THAT IS).  As a result, none of the judge's warnings about Tyson's increasing violence were raised before the boy, who faced charges from an incident preceding the Newtown shooting, was sent home.

In the wake of the Tyson matter, a State Attorney's Office supervisor did an internal review of the past nine months of juvenile cases, painting a picture of a department where loose adherence to policies made it easier for errors like those in Tyson's case to happen. MORE FROM THIS SOURCE...

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