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"Where's Whitey", FBI Top 10 Most Wanted James Whitey Bulger Sightings Continue In Florida.

MAFIA TODAY MARCH 28TH, 2011....More than 100 former FBI agents, including the one whose undercover work inspired the movie “Donnie Brasco,” are fighting for the release of a colleague convicted of corruption and of helping Boston’s Irish-American mob murder a South Florida gambling executive.

It’s a long shot, and maybe the last shot, for 70-year-old John Connolly, who will spend the rest of his life in prison, barring a successful appeal. The former G-men, who provided documents relating to the case to The Associated Press, say Connolly was prosecuted for essentially doing what his Justice Department superiors wanted: to secretly use mob bosses James “Whitey” Bulger and Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi as informants against Italian-American gangsters in New England.

The retired agents have filed two petitions with Attorney General Eric Holder demanding appointment of a special counsel to investigate Connolly’s prosecution, raising a grab-bag of claims spanning many years, some of which have been previously rejected by courts and aired in congressional hearings. They include allegations of questionable tactics by prosecutors, evidence that a key witness lied during Connolly’s 2002 federal corruption trial and contentions there was a rigged result in his 2008 Florida murder case.

“I’ve never seen them go after a gangster like they have John,” said former agent Joseph Pistone, whose infiltration of New York’s Bonanno and Colombo crime families as “Donnie Brasco” in the late 1970s was made into the 1997 film starring Johnny Depp and Al Pacino. “He was dedicated as an FBI agent. He got all kinds of commendations. All of a sudden he goes wrong? That’s kind of hard to believe.”

Connolly’s own saga also made its way to the big screen: It formed the blueprint for the 2006 Academy Award-winning film “The Departed.” Prosecutors say Connolly permitted Flemmi and Bulger, who ran the notorious Winter Hill Gang, to commit crimes, accepted tens of thousands of dollars and other favors from them, tipped them about a pending indictment and, most seriously, passed them sensitive information about snitches in gang ranks that led to several murders. Connolly was convicted of racketeering and obstruction of justice and handed a 10-year federal prison sentence, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE..

FBI agent Richard Teahan, coordinator of the Bulger Task Force, said that agents received 50 to 100 leads after placing ads last Spring in Plastic Surgery News and the American Dental Association's newsletter with photos of Whitey Bulger and Catherine Greig, urging anyone who treated the fugitive couple to call the FBI.

The last confirmed sighting of Bulger was in London in 2002, according to the FBI. Teahan said the FBI believes Bulger is still alive and traveling with Greig, a dental hygienist from South Boston and Quincy. He said the Bulger Task Force, which is assigned full-time to tracking Bulger, averaged three to five tips a week over the past year. In October 2010, deputy US marshals joined the task force, which also comprises FBI agents, State Police, and investigators from the Massachusetts Department of Correction.
"Nobody outside of Boston really knows who Whitey Bulger is or cares who Whitey Bulger is,'' said Kevin Weeks (ex-mobster), who has co-authored a fictional book, "Where's Whitey?" which is due out in June 2011. "Everyone is worried about terrorism. No one is worried about an aging criminal from America.''
But FBI agent Teahan said the task force won't rule out the possibility that Bulger has received help while on the run and that part of the ongoing investigation is to locate anyone who may be harboring him. He said the manhunt remains worldwide and continues to focus on areas where Bulger has been, including Florida, New York, California, Chicago, London, and Paris. "There continues to be multiple sightings coming out of Florida,'' said Teahan, adding that Bulger could be anywhere, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE.

Where’s Whitey Bulger? FBI Looks to Florida West Coast as Prime Hunting Area. If, after 16 years on the run, James “Whitey” Bulger’s moll Catherine Greig (DOB 4/03/1951) reconsiders standing by her man, the FBI will leave a light on.The charge of harboring a federal fugitive awaits Greig, 59, in Boston.

But Richard Teahan, supervisory special agent in charge of the Bulger Task Force, said investigators are open to negotiating with the bottle-blond, plastic-surgery obsessed dental assistant and her family.“We’d welcome it,” Teahan said matter-of-factly.

Whitey Bulger, DOB 9/03/1929, the FBI’s great white whale wanted for the serial murders of 19 men and women, turns 82 on Sept. 3, 2011. Despite a $2 million bounty on his head, the brother of former Senate President William Bulger has been an FBI Top 10 Most Wanted fugitive for the past decade. The last confirmed witness sighting of the gangster who inspired the Academy Award-winning Best Picture “The Departed” was in September 2002 at London’s Piccadilly Square.
“We’ve got some things going on right now that look good,” Teahan said, declining to elaborate. Teahan said this year has brought an “uptick” in suspected sightings of Whitey Bulger in Florida.

Teahan said the FBI receives approximately 30 tips a week on Bulger’s whereabouts. And while potential leads have come in from Jacksonville, Kissimmee and Clearwater, Fla. – the latter where Bulger had a vacation condo until the feds seized it. Bulger has passed himself off on foreign soil as a realtor. “He planned to flee and he planned for this.”

He stashed money all over the world, and he leaves no paper trail, paying only in cash. Based on intelligence, we (FBI) have a strong picture of Bulger’s personality:
1). He is an avid reader who frequents libraries, an animal lover, and a fitness nut who takes long walks.
2). He is a history buff with a compulsive urge for collecting videotapes and books about World War II and Adolf Hitler.
3). He loves to travel, frequently visiting historic landmarks and museums, and has traveled widely in France, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Canada.
4). He is said to always carry a knife.

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