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UHURU Joe Waller aka Omali Yeshitela's son Mwamba Yeshitela is a leader in the African Youth Resistance, Mwamba Yeshitela and Weusi Africa Waller arrested running drug house in St. Petersburg.

UHURU Chairman Omali Yeshitela's (Joe Waller) son is a accussed Drug Dealer, Mwamba (Myamba) Yeshitela is also a leader in the campaign for African youth resistance in St Pete Fl.

by Uhuru

International Conference on White Solidarity with Black Power; Chairman Omali Yeshitela (Joe Waller) brilliantly showed how the European or white nation was forged at the expense of the African nation and that it will be the emergence of the movement to unite and liberate Africa and African people everywhere that will bring about the destruction of the European nation.

As the Chairman Omali Yeshitela stated, “The European nation was born as a bourgeois nation, a capitalist nation, through exploitation and the expropriation of value from everybody else. Therefore, the fundamental task of the African revolutionary is the liberation and consolidation of the African nation, which will not be born as a bourgeois nation, but will be born in contention with the imperialist bourgeois nation and born as a workers' or proletarian nation."   “African people have to resist the imperialist bourgeoisie as a people.
Diop Olugbala, President of the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM), spoke on the history of the African People's Socialist Party from its origins in the Black Revolution of the 1960s.

Chairwoman Penny Hess presented on the history of ideological development within APSC as its leadership struggled against opportunism and subjectivism before temporarily disbanding in 1981. When APSC reformed, with Penny Hess as its chairperson, the political line of African Internationalism had been consolidated around the question of reparations from the white community as a revolutionary and principled stance. Reparations is our revolutionary work,” said Penny Hess.

An event held on the evening of January 10 called “Prisons, the Drug War and African Resistance” included Chairman Omali Yeshitela, Penny Hess, Diop Olugbala and Mwamba Yeshitela, a leader in the campaign for African youth resistance.
Uhuru leader's sons arrested, accused of running drug house in St. Petersburg; ST. PETERSBURG — Thursday, June 10, 2010  Four men were arrested in a raid Tuesday, accused of running a drug house and selling marijuana in the neighborhood. Two of the men are the sons of local activist Omali Yeshitela (Joe Waller), police said. They were identified as Weusi Africa Waller, 29, and Mwamba (Myamba) Yeshitela, 25.

Their father is the 68-year-old founder of the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement and a former candidate for mayor of St. Petersburg. Omali Yeshitela could not be reached for comment. The other two men arrested were identified as Tyron Jaron Cummings, 27, and Wayne Wells, 29. Tyron Cummings (ex-con) was arrested nine days after he finished a 10-year prison stint for robbery and possession of cocaine, according to state records.

According to St. Petersburg police reports, several undercover drug buys were made at 2353 13th St. S before the raid. Police said they served a search warrant at the home at 6:50 p.m. Tuesday and found two pounds of marijuana and thousands of dollars in cash. The marijuana was in different size packages meant for sale, police said. Police called it a routine investigation.

Tampa-St Pete Arrest Record for Mwamba Bandele Yeshitela
Inmate #:2102488
Last Arrest Date:11:29AM 10-19-2010
Height:6' 0"
Offense Description: SALE OF MARIJUANA
Statute: 893.13(1)(A)(1)/ Felony
Court Case Number: CRC1014493CFANO
Bond Assessed: $10,000.00 

International Conference on White Solidarity with Black Power. President Diop Olugbala discussed his recent work in Philadelphia where he and other InPDUM forces have been leading a campaign to organize African youth into the Junta of Militant Organizations (JOMO), the African youth resistance wing of InPDUM.

Mwamba Yeshitela gave a compelling, informative account of his real-life experiences as a young African facing colonial conditions of poverty and police containment on the south side of St. Petersburg (arrested for selling drugs in St Pete).

On the third day of the conference, APSC elected the new National Central Committee (NCC). NCC members include:
* Penny Hess, National Chairperson
* Alison Hoehne, National Secretary General
* Kitty Reilly, National Director of Reparations and Economic Development
* Lisa Watson, National Director of Agitation and Propaganda
* Maureen Wagener, National Director of Uhuru Foods
* Stephanie Midler, National Director of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement and Southeast Regional Representative
* Joel Hamburger, National Representative of Uhuru Furniture
* Wendy Snyder, West Regional Representative
* Harris Daniels, Northeast Regional Representative

APSC also adopted its Supplement to the Constitution of the African People's Socialist Party USA.

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