Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tampa Bay Rays 3rd Baseman Evan Longoria's AK-47 Assault Rifle and $56,000 Worth of Items Swiped During Florida Break-In, Gang Members Using Assault Rifles to Battle Cops.

On Saturday March 26th, 2011, someone broke into a Port Charlotte house rented by Tampa Bay Rays players Evan Longoria, David Price and Reid Brignac. Longoria's AK-47 was among the $56,000 worth of items swiped.

The All-Star third baseman Evan Longoria declined to discuss the rifle other than to call it a "personal item." "A lot of people own them," said Hillsborough County sheriff's Col. Greg Brown. "There are literally thousands of them in the United States." Brown said there's no more reason to worry about AK-47s than any other guns. "If you're looking down the barrel of any gun, it's dangerous," he said.

"The gun isn't what's dangerous – it's the person that's holding it." It's not clear how many people own AK-47s statewide – Florida law generally prohibits government agencies or private entities from keeping a registry of privately owned firearms or their owners. Mark Serbu, president of Serbu Firearms in Tampa, said the AK-47 "has gotten a bad name because you see it on TV." But for some, he said, the weapon is "kind of a collectible. They're clever; they're neat; they're nice machines." (they're a nice cop killing machine).  Former Tampa police Officer Kevin Howell said the AK-47 is "designed for warfare – not to be out and shooting squirrels." MORE FROM THIS SOURCE...

News came Monday that burglars down in Port Charlotte had entered through an "unlocked window" the spring training rental home of Longoria and teammates David Price and Reid Brignac. The list of stolen items included iPads, expensive watches, a huge-screen television, and then Longoria's gun. It's not illegal. It's just unexpected.

The AK-47 is durable and reliable. It's easy to carry and easy to use. It's the gun of choice of Somali pirates, urban gangs and Osama bin Laden. Last year, in his book The Gun, former Marine and New York Times foreign correspondent C.J. Chivers called it "a device that allowed ordinary men to kill other men without extensive training or undue complications."

On Monday, in Tampa, Longoria called it "a personal item." "I don't have a problem with people being legal gun owners," said Rays fan Tom Topping, 43, of Clearwater. "But the AK-47 just comes with such a malicious reputation." MORE FROM THIS SOURCE...
1). Recent Posting on L.E.O. Web Page..We (LAPD) have had an increase of shootings with either SKS or AK-47's as the primary weapon. Recently two guys in our gang unit were in pursuit of two gang members, when the passenger leaned out the window and starting firing on them with an assault rifle. Both were caught by K-9 after they bailed from the vehicle. Just wondering if any of you guys (Cops) on the East Coast are seeing a lot of shootings with these weapons? Be safe.

2). Palm Springs Police On Lookout For Gang Member Armed With AK-47.  Police arrived in the Desert Highland and Gateway Estates area around 8 a.m. responding to a report from a resident of a man with a rifle.  A plain-clothed police officer saw a car matching the description given by the resident on the 300 block of Palm Vista Dr., said Officer Rhonda Long. The suspect got out of the car, saw the officer, and ran into the home, leaving a teenager behind along with a loaded, illegal assault rifle on the driver's seat, she said. The teen was later released to his parents. Police surrounded the house and eventually searched it for the suspect, but believe he ran out the back door before police could surround the house. The detectives recovered the rifle and identified the suspect as a known gang member from the "Gateway Posse Crips" criminal street gang.

3). Chop shop operator, outlaw motorcycle gang member arrested illegal possession of assault rifles.  Officers from the Riverside County Regional Gang Task Force and the West County Narcotics Task Force arrested Todd Payne on suspicion of possession of methamphetamine, possession of stolen firearms, illegal possession of assault rifles and operating a chop shop after the 7:40 a.m. search warrant in the 24000 block of El Baquero Road, in an unincorporated area of Perris, Sgt. Sean Brown said in a news release. Officers found multiple stolen motorcycle parts, gang paraphernalia and a total of 16 firearms, including one that was reported stolen ( assault rifle) during a residential burglary in December, Brown said.

4). Police: assault rifles, grenades seized from biker gang members; LINCOLN, Calif. - Roseville police Thursday seized eight assault rifles, several thousand rounds of ammunition, and three hand grenades during an investigation of alleged drug trafficking by associates of the Vagos motorcycle gang, authorities said.

One more AK-47 on the streets for use in the next robbery or cop killing, nice going All-Star third baseman Evan Longoria.

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