Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sarasota Real Estate Scammer Neil Mohamed Husani Living Large in the Zarqa Trade Free Zone Jordan, See His Photo and Passport.

Neil Mohamed Husani whose real name according to his passport (see below) is Nail Mohamed Husani, he is currently using the name Nael Al Husseini in the Zarqa Trade Free Zone Jordan where he owns several companies. Nail Mohamed Husani was able to purchase these companies in the Zarqa Trade Free Zone Jordan with cash he scammed out of several Sarasota Fl banks. According to a 44-page Federal indictment, between May 2004 and June 2006, Neil Mohamed Husani defrauded Orion Bank, Mercantile Bank, Bank Atlantic, Coast Bank, Fifth/Third Bank, Wachovia Bank and First State Bank out of $82.8 Million.

Florida's Gulf Coast was crawling with shady real estate investors like Neil Husani during this decade's housing boom. According to the U.S. Attorney's office in Tampa, Husani and three co-conspirators working with his Sarasota-based Capital Force, Inc., ran a mortgage fraud scheme. The Capital Force, Inc group bought up dozens of properties, used false information to secure mortgages far in excess of the actual property values, then pocketed the difference, which amounted to more than $40 million. The properties went into foreclosure and the banks, as well as the surrounding communities, were left holding the bag. Two of Husani's partners recently pleaded guilty to the conspiracy; another was convicted, Husani is living large in Jordan.

Sarasota Flipper Neil Husani arrested and relesed on bond in Amman Jordan “skipped” and is now a wanted fugitive“. Neil Husani was last known to be in Amman, Jordan where he was arrested and released on bail in early 2009, it was heard to be a $50,000 bail bond.  Neil Husani aka Nail Hussani obtained a duplicate Venezula passport at the Venezula Embassy in Amman Jordan in 2008, see above,, the passport photo shows Neil Hasani wearing glasses, wonder who he knows in the Venezula Embassy, the FBI was looking for Husanin in 2008. On one of the first Neil Mohamed Husani arrest records on 12/10/1990 in Manatee County FL, he was correctly listed as Nail Mohamed Husani DOB 11/20/1970, this is a match for his current Venezula passport, see above, see Manatee County court records  DRIVING WHILE LICENSE SUSPENDED click here. Information in this report has been forwarded to the Tampa FBI office. The Az Zarqa Free Zone lies 45 miles northeast of Amman Jordan, along a route which connects Jordan with neighboring countries of Syria and Iraq. It covers 6 million square miles and houses about 65 licensed industrial companies and more than 175 warehouses.

Foreign and local companies established in free zones enjoy the following incentives and exemptions:
1). The profits of projects operating in the free zones are exempt from income and social affairs taxes for a period of 12 years.
2). Salaries and bonuses of non-Jordanian employees (Nail Husani) working in the free zones are exempt from income and social affairs taxes.
3). All commodities imported or exported through the free zones and bound for external markets are exempt from customs, imports and all other taxes and fees.
4). Constructions erected in the free zones are exempt from license fees, and land is exempt from property taxes.
5). The transfer of capital invested in the free zones and the profits accrued from them is permitted to anywhere outside Jordan, without any constraints or restrictions.
7).The products of free zone industries are exempt from customs fees in the case of offering them for consumption in the local market, limited by the cost of the local material and the expenses which go into their manufacture.

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