Monday, March 21, 2011

Residents say Sarasota Intersection of Ashton Rd and S. Lockwood Ridge Rd Hazardous As "Stop Sign Runners" Continue.

SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE-SARASOTA COUNTY March 21st, 2011 - The intersection of Ashton Road and Lockwood Ridge Road is a four-way stop, but residents in the area say many drivers treat it as if the stop signs do not exist.  And they have the videos to prove it. (Glen McParland and Cindy Duckworth video of four-way stop intersection of Ashton Road and Lockwood Ridge Road in Sarasota CLICK HERE).

Residents around the south Sarasota crossing say drivers who take a short cut through their neighborhood frequently ignore the stop signs – often at speeds in excess of the 30 mph limit on Lockwood Ridge and the 25 mph limit on Ashton. One neighbor set up a video camera that shows numerous vehicles running the stop signs, including a school bus, sheriff's patrol car and a fire department truck.

They say they have complained repeatedly to county officials, asking for speed bumps or other traffic calming measures – with no success. "It's going to take someone getting killed – and, by then, it's too late," resident Joyce Conroy said.  This afternoon, they will take their case to the county's Traffic Advisory Council.

"We've given them documented evidence of the issue," resident Cindy Duckworth said. "You can't say that it is not a serious problem. It's a public safety issue." On their website,, they posted the videos of rolling stops, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE...

TO see first hand of what is going on at the intersection of Ashton Road and Lockwood Ridge Road I drove over there this morning to obtain surveillance photos of any vehicles that might blow through the stop signs.

Just before reaching the intersection of Ashton Road and Lockwood Ridge Road I observed (and phtographed see above) a woman in her 70's driving a silver Lexus coming East on Ashton Rd, (from where the Post Office is located), and blowing through the intersection of Ashton Road and Lockwood Ridge Road without even looking or slowing down, enough said.

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