Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Joe Waller's UHURU Director of Agitation and Propaganda Nyabinga Dzimbahwe Sends Private Eye Bill Warner a Email

Last Sunday, Feb. 27th, I received a email from Joe Waller's UHURU Director of Agitation and Propaganda Nyabinga Dzimbahwe telling me to make sure I watched their 3 hour long broadcast about the supposed "Assasination threats against Chairman Omali Yeshitela" supposedly heard on the Bubba the Love Sponge broadcast in the Tampa-St Pete Fl area.  No such death threats had been made on the Bubba the Love Sponge broadcast  towards UHURU leader Joe Waller.

Joe Waller's UHURU Director of Agitation and Propaganda Nyabinga Dzimbahwe also wanted to make sure that I knew that they (UHURUS) had been monitoring my website, see below;

From: Uhuru News info@uhurunews.com Nyabinga Dzimbahwe
To: wbipi@verizon.net Bill Warner
Sent: Sun, February 27, 2011 11:13:53 AM
Subject: "African community under siege after police killing"

Tune in for today's coverage on www.UhuruNews.com .
UHURU Director of Agitation and Propaganda Nyabinga Dzimbahwe.
The African community of St. Petersburg, FL was put under military siege this week after a cop was shot and killed Monday. The lockdown resulted in the "surrender" of a 16-year-old African youth following an interrogation in which neither his parents or a lawyer were present.

http://www.uhurunews.com/ believes African people have a right to resist our colonial occupation by police. For this stand we are being attacked on many fronts. Please tune-in to coverage today on UhuruNews.com and speak your mind!

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Check out the lead article and speak your mind in the comments section below the article "African community under siege after police killing".
11am Eastern - Assasination threats against Chairman Omali Yeshitela - Tune in to http://www.uhururadio.com/ today at 11am-1pm Eastern

On Africa Live, Host Nyabinga Dzimbahwe will discuss recent threats and calls for the assassination of Chairman Omali Yeshitela on a nationally syndicated radio show. We'll play clips from the radio show and also discuss the current situation in St. Petersburg, Florida where a counterinsurgent military occupation of the African community included the use of snipers, tanks and helicopters as well as searches of vehicles, rushing of homes and the pointing of assault rifles in the faces of African residents.

See the latest in a string of attacks on the Uhuru Movement and http://www.uhurunews.com/ - our own black media (by private eye Bill Warner).

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