Monday, March 28, 2011

Florida Beauty Queen Meghan Brown Kills Home Invasion Thug Albert Hill With Pink Gun, Albert Hill Tried to Kill A Sarasota Undercover Detective in 95.

Much is being said about how Meghan Brown killed "unarmed intruder Albert Hill" in the TIERRA VERDE Florida house she shares with her fiance Bobby Planthaber, Meghan even had the nerve to shoot Albert Hill 4 times as he pounded Bobby Planthaber's head into the marble floor.  Albert Hill was 5' 10" tall and weighed 250 lbs and looked like a Sumo Wrestler, Meghan Brown weighs 110 lbs soaking wet.

Let's get real here, "Home Invasion Thug Albert  Hill" was a career criminal who did four tours in the Florida State Prison System.  Albert Hill was a strong arm robbery type of guy who never used a weapon during his robberies, the weapon was Albert Hill's strength, his fists and his "show no fear attitude".

I went down to the Sarasota Sheriff's office today to pull one of Albert Hill's "sheets", the one where he tried to kill a Sarasota Sheriff's Undercover Detective.

At 1:30 AM on 3/22/1995 the Sarasota Sheriff's Undercover Detective was in a unmarked Van doing surveillance in a mall parking lot  watching out for commercial "smash and grab guys" when up rolls Albert Hill as the passenger in a Brown Toyota, Hill gets out of the vehicle, smashes out the front glass door of a beauty shop, enters the shop grabs the bank bag and returns to the passenger side of the Toyota.

The Sarasota Sheriff's Undercover Detective who was observing all this approaches Albert Hill on foot, identifies himself as a Police Officer, draws his weapon and tells Albert Hill to get on the ground "now"!  The driver of the Toyota gets out of the vehicle and runs down the street.

Albert Hill (unarmed) throws the bank bag in the Toyota looks at the Sarasota Sheriff's Undercover Detective and tells him "Fxxx You" and rushes straight up to the Sarasota Sheriff's Undercover Detective and punches him in the face, the cop has his drawn gun on Hill.

Albert Hill and the Sarasota Sheriff's Undercover Detective become embroiled in a life or death battle that finds Hill getting back into the Toyota and dragging the Sarasota Sheriff's Undercover Detective right along with him.  Hill is able to get the vehicle started and continues fighting with the Sarasota Sheriff's Undercover Detective as he is reaching into the vehicle trying to turn the vehicle off, Hill slams the car into drive and heads down the street with the Sarasota Sheriff's Undercover Detective hanging half in and half out of the vehicle, the Sarasota Sheriff's Undercover Detective writes in his report that at this point "I was fearing for my life". 

The struggle between Hill and the Sarasota Sheriff's Undercover Detective contiued until Hill slammed the vehicle into  the corner of a nearby house and additional Sheriff Deputies arrived and put a beat down on Hill and placed him into cuffs.

Albert Hill went away for 10 years for this one, while in lock down Hill did not become a reformed type of guy, he honed his skills in prison, Hill went away at 220 lbs and came out at 250 lbs, all the while lifting weights and getting in fights.

Soooo,  would Albert Hill have stopped beating Bobby Planthaber's head into the marble floor if Meghan Brown had just pointed the gun at Albert Hill and demanded he stop and get on the ground "Now" as the Sarasota Sheriff's Undercover Detective had tried to do years ago, not freaking likely!

"There is only one way to deal with and stop thugs like Albert Hill who want to kill cops and hero beauty queen Meghan Brown did it with four slugs, deal with it."

Bill Warner Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM