Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bobby Planthaber Confident That Beauty Queen Meghan Brown Will Be Cleared in Shooting of Home Invasion Thug Albert F. Hill in Tierra Verde Fl, They Have it All on Tape.

Bobby Planthaber and Meghan Brown in Tierra Verde Fl have a tape of the whole shooting incident involving ex-con Albert F. Hill from when he shows up at the front door putting on his bandana to the fight on the floor between ex-con Albert F. Hill and Bobby Planthaber to the finish when Meghan Brown pumps four bullets into Albert F. Hill with her pink .38.

DAILY MAIL UK March 23rd, 2011..The fight between the two men broke the dining room table and chairs but, as they tussled, Miss Brown produced her pink gun from her bedside table.

'I had my gun drawn, focused in on him - as he moved, my gun moved. I waited for my shot and when I saw an opening, I fired,' she said. Miss Brown said she was 'glad' it had been her, because not everybody else would have been as prepared as she was.

'The way I see it is, the guy was a really bad guy and if it wasn't my bullets, it probably would have been the police officer's bullets,' she said. 'It's not like he was going to turn his life around.'

The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office reportedly said the incident is still under investigation.  Bobby Planthaber is confident that Beauty Queen Meghan Brown will be cleared in the shooting of home invasion thug Albert F. Hill in Tierra Verde Fl, they have it all on tape.

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