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Black Thugs Pele Williams and Melodee Haygood Shoot Woman During Purse Snatching at Publix Parking Lot Sarasota Fl

SARASOTA HERLAD TRIBUNE...Shoppers were stunned to hear about the shooting in the parking lot of Sarasota Pavilion, a bustling shopping center anchored by Old Navy, a Publix and three discount clothing stores.

Misha Sarac, 72, was loading jugs of water into his car when he heard the gunshot.  "I heard a crack, like a shotgun, but I didn't believe it," Sarac said. "Then I heard a scream."

Sarac said he was about 20 yards away from where the woman lay on the ground bleeding. He looked up and saw a man sprinting across the parking lot. The man jumped into a black Mercedes sedan and "sped away like crazy," Sarac said.

The parking lot was so crowded that by the time Sarac realized what had happened, three people were already helping the injured woman.

Arrested were Melodee Haygood, 23 (on R), and Pele Williams, 29, (on L) on charges of robbery and assault. A handgun and items that belonged to both victims were found in the car, deputies say.

Pele Williams, who most recently lived in the 1800 block of Edgewood Drive, was considered a habitual offender as a juvenile and has been arrested more than a dozen times in connection with offenses ranging from auto theft to home invasion robbery. Pele Williams did two stints in prison. The first time was for a year and a half after being convicted of battery on jail staff in Collier County.

His second stay in prison was prompted by charges from Sarasota and Walton counties, including robbery, aggravated battery on a person over 65 years old, burglary and false imprisonment. He served eight and a half years, and was released last October.  MORE FROM THIS SOURCE.....

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Black Thug Pele Williams DOB 8/23/1981 has a history of attacking cops;
Ex-Con Black Thug Pele Williams was a wanted and dangerous fugitive at the time of the purse snatching in the Publix parking lot in Sarasota, see click here.  At 12:21 p.m., the Sheriff’s Office received calls of an armed robbery at Westfield Sarasota Square reporting that a masked man (Pele Williams) put a gun to the head of a woman outside Ruby Tuesday’s and demanded her purse. She complied and the suspects fled in what was described as a black four-door Mercedes SUV.

Pele Antwon Williams, DOB 8/23/81, last known address 1817 Edgewood Drive., Sarasota, is charged with one count of Robbery with a Firearm, one count of Principal to Robbery with a Firearm, one count of Principal to Aggravated Battery with a Firearm, one count of Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon, one count of Fleeing to Elude and one count of Leaving the Scene of an Accident.
Black Thug Pele Williams DOB 8/23/1981 Prison Terms, history of attacking cops;
11/25/2000 ROBB. WPN-NOT DEADLY 03/11/2002 WALTON 0000718 10Y
11/24/2000 ROBB. WPN-NOT DEADLY 03/11/2002 WALTON 0000719 10Y
11/24/2000 AGG. BATTERY/65 YRS OR OLDER 03/11/2002 WALTON 0000719 10Y
11/22/2000 ROBB. WPN-NOT DEADLY 03/11/2002 WALTON 0000732 10Y 
10/26/2000 BURGUNOCCSTRUC/CV OR ATT. 06/01/2005 SARASOTA 0102369 5Y
10/26/2000 GRAND THEFT MOTOR VEHICLE 06/01/2005 SARASOTA 0102369 5Y
10/26/2000 FALS.IMPRSN-NO 787.01 INT 06/01/2005 SARASOTA 0102369 5Y 0M
11/29/1997 BATTERY ON DETENT.FAC.STAFF 05/19/2008 COLLIER 9800039 5Y

Black Thug Pele Williams DOB 8/23/1981 arrest history in Sarasota Fl, also arrested in Walton and Collier County Fl, he gets arround.

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