Saturday, February 26, 2011

UHURUS aka BLACK PANTHERS Website That Advocates "Killing Cops" In St Pete Fl Needs To Be Shut Down, Now!

UHURUS.....Raise up Hydra Lacy! Raise up cop killer Hydra Lacy! Raise up resistance to colonial occupation!  See UHURU propaganda video with ex Black Panther Joe Waller, click here on their website . "On January 24, 2011, Hydra Lacy was killed as police came to his home to take him to join the more than one million African people held captive in U.S. prisons — but not before two St. Petersburg police lay dead and a U.S. marshal wounded. More than 100 police from various state and federal agencies were also held off outside his home for several hours."

In 1996 Omali Yeshitela’s office on the second floor of the Uhuru gym at 1245 18th Ave. S in St Pete Fl was lined with books — on black history, socialism, revolution.  One shelf contains a set of writings by Vladimir Lenin. On the wall hangs a framed, yellowing poster of Lenin in a dramatic pose with an exhortation in Slavic lettering below. On the right of Omali Yeshitela’s desk is a small, yellow square of paper imprinted with: “F— the Pigs.”

UHURU InPDUM Convention 2011, Shooting of police in Florida part of growing trend of African resistance to occupation, it's ok to kill cops.

UHURUS ..The African community in St. Petersburg, Florida is under siege after a cop in St. Petersburg, Florida was shot and killed on Monday, February 21.  Two cops, David Crawford and Donald Ziglar, reportedly came to 2nd Avenue South and 8th Street South at 10:30pm after allegedly getting a call that someone in the area had a brick.   According to the police, a few minutes later, shots rang out and Crawford was hit multiple times from close range (in the head). It’s not clear what the other cop did during the incident, but he was not injured. Cops have locked down the African community and are engaged in what can only be described as collective punishment.

Update: Since this story was initially published, police announced the "surrender" of a 16-year-old African youth, following an interrogation in which neither his parents nor a lawyer were present. For a full summation, tune-in to Sunday, Feb. 27 at 4pm Eastern for an open community meeting which will be videocast live.


UHURUS....Point Eight of the Working Platform of the African People’s Socialist Party explains this relationship the police have with the African community:  We want the immediate withdrawal of the U.S. police from our oppressed and exploited communities. We believe that the various U.S. police agencies, which occupy our communities, are arms of the U.S. colonialist state, which is responsible for keeping our people enslaved and terrorized. We believe that the U.S. police agencies do not serve us, but instead represent the first line of U.S. defense against the just struggle of our people for peace, dignity and a socialist democracy.

Therefore, we believe the U.S. police is an illegitimate standing army, a colonial army in the African community and must withdraw immediately from our community, (OR ELSE) to be replaced by our liberation forces whose struggles in defense of our community and against our oppression demonstrate their loyalty to our community and their willingness to serve in its interest.”

UHURUS aka BLACK PANTHERS Website That Advocates "Killing Cops" In St Pete Fl Needs To Be Shut Down, Now!
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The Black Militant UHURU website that advocates the killing of cops and the destruction of the US Government is no different that radical militant Islamic websites hosted in the USA that also seek the destruction of the US Government.  I have been able to shut down radical militant Islamic websites hosted in Tampa, Phoenix, Boston  and New York City.

THE “POWER OF THE PRESS” HAS BEEN AIDING PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR BILL WARNER IN SHUTTING DOWN JIHAD TERROR WEBSITES HOSTED IN THE USA DURING 2008 & 2009 and 2010.  Investigator Links 3rd Jihadist Web Site To Tampa Host, By HOWARD ALTMAN, The Tampa Tribune, Published: February 22, 2008, Tampa continues to be the focus of an international game of Internet whack-a-mole between jihadists who put up Web sites and organizations and individuals who try to shut them down. For the third time in a month, Sarasota-based private investigator Bill Warner has tracked to a Tampa hosting company what investigators call a significant Web site used by jihadists for communications, recruitment and fundraising. The company is based in the same building as the U.S. attorney's office.

Cyber Vigilantes Track Extremist Web Sites, March 22, 2008, By Carmen Gentile FOX News; Cyber vigilantes typically troll the Internet, searching message boards, Web sites and media sharing sites for incendiary postings from people with ties to terror groups like Al Qaeda. One of them is Bill Warner, a Sarasota, Fla.-based private investigator and a self-proclaimed cyber-crusader. Just last month alone, Warner was instrumental in helping shut down three Web sites hosted by a Tampa Internet service provider (ISP) that contained text, images and video related to attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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