Sunday, February 06, 2011

Deutsche Bank, Which Has Their Own Gestapo Style Secret Police, Hires Trade Secrets Attorney Kimberly Gustafson to Defend Sarasota Fl Lawsuit.

Ms. Kimberly Gustafson, a member of the Carlton Fields law firm St Pete Florida, has a multifaceted litigation practice including aspects of banking litigation, business torts, deceptive practices, contract disputes, and real estate litigation. Kimberly Gustafson has particular experience in trade secrets, non-competes, fiduciary duty claims, ERISA claims, business divorces, commercial foreclosures, and lender liability claims.  Kimberly Gustafson is the attorney of record for the defendant Deutsche Bank in the Sarasota Fl lawsuit, she works for Carlton Fields Law Office, One Progress Plaza 200 Central Avenue, Suite 2300 St. Petersburg, Florida 33701-4352  Phone: 727.821.7000

St Pete Attorney Kimberly J. Gustafson's bio from the Florida Bar click here.  "Kimberly J. Gustafson has been elected a shareholder of Carlton Fields. Gustafson works in St. Petersburg and handles complex business disputes and other commercial litigation matters." I hope that St Pete Attorney Kimberly J. Gustafson's is aware that when you "Lay Down With Dogs (Deutsche Bank) You Sometimes Get Fleas".

Spying Scandal; Deutsche Bank’s “Gestapo Style Corporate Security Department”.   Deutsche provided banking facilities for the Gestapo during WWII. From as late as 2001 to at least 2007, Deutsche Bank engaged in covert espionage on its critics. The bank has admitted to episodes of spying in 2001 and 2007 directed by its “Gestapo Style corporate security department”, although characterizing them as “isolated.”

Deutsche Bank Gestapo Style Corporate Security Department (CSBC) Has Help Wanted Ad for ”Intelligence Associate Within Deutsche Bank Jason Bourne Type”.  What the Hell ?  Why does Germany’s largest bank, Deutsche Bank, need a Gestapo Style Corporate Security Department called CSBC, Corporate Security & Business Continuity’? 

Deutsche Bank Buys Up Mortgages Amid Foreclosure Crisis in Florida, Deutsche Bank Was Main Financer Of Nazi Party And Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Hunger for Profit: The Deutsche Bank during the Third Reich in Germany finances gas chambers. 1933: The Nazis come to power in Germany, beginning the period of collaboration between Deutsche Bank and the Hitler regime; Jewish board members are ousted.

Jan. 28, 2011, 12:08 p.m. EST, Deutsche Bank accepted and bundled ‘deficient’ loans. Mortgages rejected by due-diligence firm were lumped in, crisis panel says. WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Big banks accepted substandard loans to package into securities during the buildup to the financial crisis, even though a due-diligence service they hired to examine the loans rejected many of them as “deficient,” according to a crisis fact-finding panel.

Deutsche Bank Lawsuit Sarasota Fl..Case Number 2010 CA 010482 NC
Uniform Case Number 582010CA0104820000NC
Filing Type Libel/Slander
Filing Date 10/6/2010
Plaintiff Information

Defendant Information

A 1946 investigation by the US military recommended that Deutsche Bank be liquidated and its top officials tried as war criminals. Deutsche Bank had credit links to one company that made incineration units and funded another whose subsidiary made the Zyklon B gas used in the Auschwitz camp.

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