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Deutsche Bank Gestapo Style Corporate Security Department (CSBC) Has Help Wanted Ad for "Intelligence Associate Within Deutsche Bank Jason Bourne Type".

Deutsche Bank Gestapo Style Corporate Security Department (CSBC) Has Help Wanted Ad for "Intelligence Associate Within Deutsche Bank Jason Bourne Type".  What the Hell ?  Why does Germany's largest bank, Deutsche Bank, need a Gestapo Style Corporate Security Department called CSBC, Corporate Security & Business Continuity'

Deutsche Bank financed Nazi’s death camp. Germany’s largest bank has admitted it has documents in its vaults establishing a loan at a critical time to Hitler for financing the construction of the Auschwitz death camp in Poland where in Himmler’s report to Hitler, he listed 363,211 Jews murdered during August-November of 1942.

Spying Scandal; Deutsche Bank’s “Gestapo Style Corporate Security Department”.   Deutsche provided banking facilities for the Gestapo during WWII. From as late as 2001 to at least 2007, Deutsche Bank engaged in covert espionage on its critics. The bank has admitted to episodes of spying in 2001 and 2007 directed by its “Gestapo Style corporate security department”, although characterizing them as “isolated.”

BERLIN August 3, 2009 (Wall Street Journal) – “DEUTSCHE BANK Gestapo Style Corporate Security Department”. A detective at the center of the Deutsche Bank AG spying affair says the international banking giant’s effort to monitor its critics was more extensive than previously disclosed in that it involved a plan to target as many as 20 people, including a number of investors.

DEUTSCHE BANK Corporate Security & Business Continuity'
Corporate Security & Business Continuity (CSBC) protects Deutsche Bank’s people, infrastructure, processes and information. CSBC is committed to ensuring the continuity of critical businesses and functions, and provides rigorous assessment of the global security situation and business-specific risks.

Please see details below of a new opportunity at Deutsche Bank.
IF you would like to be considered for the role please either email a copy of your current CV to or call 020 7545 5811.

Introduction: The Protective Intelligence (PI) section of DEUTSCHE BANK Corporate Security & Business Continuity' (CSBC) is responsible for providing data and analysis for threat trends, patterns, indications and warnings to internal and selected external clients, enhancing the protection of people, processes, information and infrastructure. The globally distributed nature of the firms operations requires regional presence in key areas. This position will be in New York and support operations in hub locations in London, Singapore, Frankfurt, New York and Mumbai.The candidate must be able to hold a passport and be able to travel internationally, with an emphasis on the selected region. Language skills are an advantage. The IA will report to the Global Head of Protective Intelligence (CSBC).

In order to act in all stakeholders’ interest the Deutsche Bank Corporate Security & Business Continuity (CSBC) sector, is responsible for securing persons, infrastructure, processes and information (They sound more like the CIA or the FBI rather than a bank).

A). Business Continuity Management (BCM)
•Global risk-based process resumption strategy for Deutsche Bank businesses and infrastructure areas (i.e., terrorist attacks, natural disasters, etc.)
Crisis Management (CM)
•Exercises for modular global testing of CM capability and verification of recovery strategy

B). Protection Group (PG) (appears to be armed guards)
•Global, full-scale protection for Board and GEC members
•Protection of events
•Building protection program

C). Anti Fraud Unit (AFU)
•Anti-Fraud program focused on detection and prevention of external fraud and fraudulent activities
Intelligence collection and analyses related to fraud

D). Protective Intelligence
Collection and analysis of indications and trends relating to threats to employees, information, and infrastructure
•Technical inquiries
•Assistance with the development of risk scenarios
•Identification of weak points and development of countermeasures

E). dbCERT (Computer Emergency Response Team)
•Certification process for users and systems in compliance with Deutsche Bank standards
•Protection against network intrusion, attacks, or infection with computer viruses or malware
•Introduction of countermeasures in the event of a severe threat to the IT infrastructure.

Frankfurt am Main, February 03, 2011....Deutsche Bank reported net income of EUR 605 million for the fourth quarter 2010 and EUR 2.3 billion for the full year.

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