Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Scammer Lays Waste to Sarasota Fl, Sanborn Film Studios Has History Of Lawsuits and Jail Time For Fraud, County Gave Them $717,000 After Googling Them.

Sanborn Studios’ key players have rocky bios,  Behind Sanborn Studios, Kenneth Sanborn, Karinne Behr and her brother, Philippe Martinez, are multiple bankruptcy filings and huge flops in Hollywood, a string of high-profile lawsuits and one member with a criminal fraud conviction, are you kidding me and Sarasota County gave them $717,000 after Jeanne Corcoran, director of the Sarasota County Film & Entertainment Office, "Googled Them" as a background check, what a freakin idiot !

Jeanne Corcoran is not the first one in Sarasota to be scammed, other Sarasota scammers are Neil Husani, Daniel Prewitt and Art Nadel, no one bothered to check out their criminal backgrounds either, any private investigator could have done a background check for under $200 and discoverd all the dirt on these guys and saved everyone $$$$$Millions.  I have received phone calls from Lawyers in other states who wanted Kenneth Sanborn's cell phone number and a "good address".

Why Have So Many Scammers Like Daniel Prewett, Neil Husani, Art Nadel and Gary Brown Been Able to Steal Over $500 Million From Banks And Residents of Sarasota FL ? What is it, the high heat and humidity or the salt air from the Gulf of Mexico that makes normally sane individuals and banks in Sarasota turn over hundreds of thousands of dollars to men, some who have criminal records, to make investments without checking them out?

Kenneth Sanborn, the Sanborn studio’s chief executive officer; Behr, the studio’s president; and Martinez, executive producer of “Miami 24/7,” are not the only ones with a vested interest in the outcome. So do Sarasota County taxpayers, whose money has been pledged by local economic development officials to help launch Sanborn Studios.

Sanborn Studios’ genesis dates back to 1987, when Sanborn -- a former ABC cameraman in New York -- started a company in New Jersey called Aerial Films Inc. The company filmed commercials and special events using stabilized cameras mounted to helicopters.

But after filing for bankruptcy in 1999 and emerging from bankruptcy reorganization, Aerial Films relocated to Sarasota in 2000. Just three years later, the company was back in bankruptcy court. Shortly before seeking Chapter 11 reorganization a second time, Aerial sold most of its assets to a startup called Gyrocam Systems. One of Gyrocam’s owners was Sanborn, incorporation records show.

With few assets in Aerial’s name, the bankruptcy court converted the case to a Chapter 7 liquidation. Its long journey through the courts did not end until last July, when the trustee reported he had recovered just $224,000 for creditors who were owed millions.

Philippe Martinez surfaced in Los Angeles in the early 1990s, when he started Ulysse Entertainment, a film sales company. But its demise and an investor lawsuit led to a French court convicting him in absentia of fraud.

Philippe Martinez served six months in a French jail in 1999 after spending 14 months in a U.S. detention center for overstaying his visa, according to the Los Angeles Times and other media reports. It was around that time that his sister, Karinne Behr, became an officer at the newly formed B/M Studios (later renamed Bauer Martinez Studios). But the Tampa Bay area was not far from their minds.

In 2005, Martinez bought the rights to “Crash Bandits” from producers Dale Rosenbloom and Mark Yellen for $250,000, and assembled some A-list talent for it: “Die Hard” director John McTiernan, actor Hayden Christensen of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader fame, and his brother, producer Tove Christensen. Then came the lawsuits.Rosenbloom and Yellen sued Martinez in 2006 in Los Angeles Superior Court, saying he still owed them $115,000. The case later was settled out of court.

The Christensens sued last year, accusing Martinez of fraudulently inducing them into several contracts with three of his companies, then breaking those contracts by not paying the brothers. The Christensens’ suit also claimed Martinez lied when he told them he had secured $250 million to finance, produce and distribute films.

The brothers said that, had they known otherwise, they would not have agreed to appear in and co-produce “Crash Bandits” or give Martinez first-look rights to finance, produce and distribute movies by their production company. The suit claimed Martinez owed the brothers more than $2.6 million but that they agreed to settle for $638,888, which Martinez did not pay.

Jeanne Corcoran, director of the Sarasota County Film & Entertainment Office, said her office researched Sanborn, Behr and Martinez’s backgrounds using Google, the Internet Movie Database ( and other sources before making an incentive offer. She said she has met Behr but doesn’t recall ever meeting Martinez.

Corcoran said her searches did not turn up a 2008 Entertainment Weekly story that noted Martinez’s fraud conviction and Bauer Martinez Studios having “racked up a $100 million debt.” Links to similar stories by other media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times, can be found via a cursory Google search.

Sanborn Studios LLC is currently being sued in Sarasota County Small Claims Court by ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS INC, they also filed a lien of the Sanborn Studios property in Lakewood Ranch;
Uniform Case Number 582011SC0001510000NC
Filing Type Small Claims Between $500.01-$2,500

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