Monday, January 31, 2011

Somalia: Masked Al Shabaab Fighters Execute Their Intelligence Chief’s Deputy Ahmed Ali Hussein Said To Be A Spy For The CIA Since 2004 See photo

Mogadishu — Al shabaab, which declared with its allegiance, on Sunday shot and killed a Somali man they charged with working with American government (CIA). With the presence of more local people, masked Al shabaab fighters executed 44 year old man in a Mogadishu square.

The chairman of Al shabaab in Banadir region Sheikh Ali Mohammed Hussein said that Ahmed Ali Hussein admitted working with US's CIA, saying that he is the enemy of Allah.

For his part, sheikh Omar, Al shabaab judge in Mogadishu said that they had clear evidences showing the murdered man was a worker for the CIA. It is not the first time, Al shabaab carries out executions against people it had accused of spying for the Somalia and Ethiopian governments.

Mogadishu (Sunatimes)- Somalia’s extremist group of Al-shabaab has executed their intelligence chief’s deputy, accusing him of spying for CIA amid mounting disputes to suppress civilian harassments between the group‘s leaders..

Ahmed Ali Hussein, also known as Ahmed Keyse, who was serving as the millitants chief of spy’s deputy , was charged with giving military information to to CIA since 2004 and meeting with them.
Meanwhile, Ahmed Ali Hussein , 44-years-old, who was a close friend of the Alshabaab’s reclusive leader Ahmed Abdi Godane was executed by firing squad at Maslah military camp, north of Mogadishu on Sunday as hundreds of coerced residents watched him executed.

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