Sunday, January 23, 2011

Radical Blogger Pamela Geller's Co-Defendant John Stemberger in $10 Million Dollar Lawsuit Found At Fault by Florida Bar.

The Florida Bar on Tuesday January 4, 2011 said it filed a complaint with the Florida Supreme Court against attorney John Stemberger the group accuses of violating legal rules of conduct in his handling of the case of a Muslim teen who ran away to Florida from Ohio after converting to Christianity. The bar alleges that Orlando, Fla., attorney John Stemberger:
1—Went on Fox News four times and wrongly stated or implied in interviews that he was Rifqa Bary's attorney in the girl's Ohio custody case.
2—In national television interviews, accused Omar Tarazi, the attorney for Bary's parents, of being paid by organizations associated with terrorists based solely on a Facebook article and a blog posting.
3—Posted on his law firm's website a letter to the editor wrongly indicating that he was Bary's attorney.
4—Posted on his firm's website unredacted versions of documents in the confidential Florida custody case involving Rifqa Bary.

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Omar Tarazi, My Defamation Lawsuit against Pamela Geller and John Stemberger.  Bary-case lawyer files $10M defamation lawsuit, Omar Tarazi says he's been falsely linked to terrorism.  Ohio lawyer Omar Tarazi is suing a Florida attorney and a blogger he says defamed him in connection with the Rifqa Bary case.

In a civil suit filed in U.S. District Court in Columbus, Tarazi said that attorney John Stemberger and blogger Pamela G. Oshry (Geller) made statements on national television and on the Web that Tarazi was involved with terrorists. Tarazi was the attorney for Mohamed and Aysha Bary of the Northeast Side, the parents of Rifqa Bary.

From the Public records of the Florida Bar, it appears that the attorney Pamela Geller obtained to co-defend her in the Sarasota County Lawsuit filed by private investigator Bill Warner had a serious run-in with the Florida Bar over a check written from his Trust Account.

The new attorney for Pamela Geller in Sarasota County Fl, who appears to specialize in real estate law, had his license suspended for 10 days at the end of 2005 or the begining of 2006 as per the Florida Bar. The new attorney for Pamela Geller in Sarasota County Fl signed a Three Count CONDITIONAL GUILTY PLEA FOR CONSENT JUDGMENT in December 2005 agreeing to a 10 day suspension from the practice of law, agreeing to attended a Trust Accounting Workshop in January 2006 in Miami and agreeing to payment of costs totaling $9,622,46 as per The Supreme Court of Florida ruling…..MORE TO FOLLOW

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