Thursday, January 06, 2011

Muslim Man On A Plane With A Bomb, Cuma Yasar Tried to Hijack Turk Plane From Oslo to Istanbul.

Police officers take away Cuma Yasar, 40, after he tried to hijack a Turkish Airlines plane en route from Oslo to Istanbul. He tried to storm the cockpit claiming he had a bomb. Officers said the man was a Turk who had demanded that the plane return to Norway.

'I was sitting at the front end of the plane and I heard voices at the back of the plane around 30 minutes before we landed," said Lelya Kilic, another of the passengers. 'I saw a fight between passengers and a man with a mask, carrying a device that looked like a radio handset.'

The hijacker was identified a Turkish national from a Kurdish village in the southeastern region of Anatolia. 'A person in the back of the plane put on a mask and threatened to blow up the plane in the air,' passenger Salim Tahar told Norwegian television network TV2.  'The man spoke Turkish and demanded the plane return to Oslo.' When the aircraft landed in Istanbul, Turkish police entered the plane and arrested the man. The bomb was found to be a fake, more from this source........

Cuma Yasar has deep, old scars on his left leg that look like chemical burns, see photo above.

Turkey has 81 administrative provinces and is divided into seven regions (Marmara, Black Sea, Eastern Anatolia, Southeastern Anatolia, Mediterranean, Aegean and Central Anatolia). The Turkish state has been officially secular since 1924. Approximately 99% of the population is Muslim. Most Turkish Muslims follow the Sunni traditions of Islam, although a significant number follow Alevi and Shiite traditions.

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