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'They're gonna kill people': Fears of new Mafia war after mob blames 'made men' for FBI undercover sting.  Mafia families ripped apart by 127 arrests in the biggest ever FBI undercover sting are expected to go to war with each other as they seek retribution.

Members of New York's five major organised crime families - Bonanno, Colombo, Gambino, Genovese and Luchese - were taken into custody last week, along with members of the DeCavalcante gang from New Jersey.

But while the FBI progresses its case against the mobsters, the Mafia families are thought to be busy conducting their own internal investigation to discover those who helped the FBI and there are fears it could result in a bloodbath. 'I think they’re going to kill people, because the guys running around making the tapes were made members of the family,' a senior source close to the investigation told The New York Post.

'I’ve heard that people are looking to retaliate.' Among those arrested were the entire management structure of the Colombo family - most notably its leader Andrew 'Mush' Russo — and senior figures in the Gambino organisation, two of the most powerful families in New York's mafia structure.  On the evidence of previous major undercover FBI operations, people who informed for the FBI (MOB RAT AND GAMBINO THUG JOHN ALITE) would be targeted first in reprisals, followed by the people who introduced and inducted those informants to the mafia family.

John Joseph Gotti (October 27, 1940–June 10, 2002) was the Boss of the New York City Gambino crime family after the murder of the previous boss, Paul Castellano. John Gotti was the most powerful crime boss during his era. He became widely known for his outspoken personality and flamboyant style, which eventually lead to his downfall and death in prison.

John Angelo Gotti III or "Junior" Gotti (born February 14, 1964) is a former New York City mobster who during much of the 1990s law enforcement claim led the Gambino crime family of Cosa Nostra for his imprisoned father John J. Gotti, who died in 2002.

Mafia Chief John ‘Junior’ Gotti Blasts Government Witness, John Alite Tampa Mob Rat, In ‘60 Minutes’ InterviewMELVILLE, N.Y. — John “Junior” Gotti, son of the late mob boss, does a bit of trash talking in a “60 Minutes” interview, blasting one of the government’s key witnesses against him in his most recent trial, old mob crony John Alite (Tampa Mob Rat).

Gotti, 46, is said to have been generally low key in the March 16 interview at his Oyster Bay Cove home on Long Island with correspondent Steve Kroft. But he became animated when the topic of john Alite came up. In November, Gotti and John Alite traded tough words in court after the witness finished testifying.“He got off the stand, walked towards me, and he smiled and laughed. And that’s when I called him a punk and a dog,”

Gotti tells Kroft in the 60 MINUTES interview. “He was always a punk and a dog. He was a junkie. He was all of those things. Miscreant. He was a trash pail then, he’s a trash pail now and he’ll always be a trash pail.”The U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan used John Alite, now in the witness protection program, in its bid to make the racketeering case against Gotti. John Alite testified that Gotti approved three homicides, in which the witness, John Alite also played a role.

But after jurors failed to agree on a verdict, some told Newsday they questioned John Alite’s credibility and motives in testifying. Following the mistrial, Gotti’s fourth, prosecutors dropped the case.
 Tampa Mob Rat John Alite, Note Neck Tattoo's, Now In The Witness Protection Program, On Your Dime.  Tuesday, February 24, 2009, Former Gotti crony John Alite, who ran Tampa’s PRESTIGE VALET, claims affair with Victoria Gotti, Junior Gotti’s sister.  Before he became a mob rat, Gambino associate John Alite says he was a horndog who had a secret affair with Mafia princess Victoria Gotti. John Alite took center stage Monday in Brooklyn Federal Court in the murder trial of reputed hit man Charles Carneglia, but much of his testimony was about how close he, John Alite, was to John A. (Junior) Gotti – and the mob scion’s older sister.

August 05, 2008, ATTENTION TAMPA NIGHT CLUBBERS, YOU WERE GIVING YOUR CAR KEYS (AND HOUSE KEYS) TO THE MOB ! Co-owner of Prestige Valet in Tampa, John Alite aka John Alletto (photo), was the “wiseguy” who acted as the go between the New York Gotti Mob family and the Tampa Gotti underworld, this guy may have been in your car and had access to all of your keys, your name and home address info from the car registration, that is always in the glove box or visor. The former alleged boss of the Tampa Gotti Mob enterprise, John E. Alite, HAD BEEN awaiting trial in Tampa after being captured and extradited from Brazil. 

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