Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Inspire's American Editor Samir Khan Gives Blueprint for Destroying Buildings Using Gas Lines And Info On The AK-47 In 4th Edition See Photos, Samir Khan Needs To Be Terminated.

NEW YORK) -- The latest edition of al Qaeda's English-language web magazine offers readers a new fatwa from American-born jihadi leader Anwar al-Awlaki, instructions on how to destroy buildings using gas lines, and a primer on the AK-47 rifle, in what is Inspire's slickest production to date.
The fourth issue of Inspire, a publication of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), the terror organization's Yemeni branch, follows three previous installments in the past year that gave instructions on the killing American civilians, and boasted about the failed "printer bomb" cargo plane plot that originated in Yemen. A young American citizen from North Carolina named Samir Khan apparently began editing and publishing the on-line magazine after relocating to Yemen in late 2009.

In this edition, Yemeni-American radical cleric Awlaki issues a religious justification for taking money and property from Americans and citizens of other Western nations. Awlaki is at the top of the U.S. government's "kill list" because of his operational involvement in AQAP.

"Some Muslims today might feel uncomfortable consuming money that was seized by force from the disbelievers and would feel that income they receive as a salary or from business is a better form of income," Awlaki writes. "That is not true. The best and purest form of income is booty." 

SEE http://info.publicintelligence.net/InspireJanuary2011.pdf

Intelligence analysts are also keying in on the magazine’s emphasis on the recruitment of women as suicide bombers. One analyst who gathers intelligence from publicly available sources told Fox News that the online magazine dovetails with a new Web video where the al-Awlaki’s lectures are used to voice over still pictures of women preparing for battle.

Some of the 4th edition of Inspire magazine articles are;
"Know That Jihad is Your Duty" by Adam Gadahn.

INSPIRE FEEDBACK "With the current media under control of the Jews, it is a great change to have news that are from the ummah to the ummah".

I remember those days when I would research works from Islamic scholars, thinkers, community activists and the likes, whom would give their two cents on why terrorism (i.e. jihad) is flawed. They would in unison touch on issues such as hijacking, kidnapping, 'suicide' bombings, killing of non-combatants and such in order to prove that al Qaeda's jihad against America is defective from a theologically based standpoint. What I felt was that the central issue - what actually makes a jihadi into what he is - was never brought into light whether it be in the mosque study circles or political discussions on live television.

This central issue, as I like to call it, is the pivot of what makes a Muslim begin his journey as a jihadi. No, it is not the mass slaughter of the Palestinians by the Israeli's nor the atrocious actions of America towards the Muslim world. It is not the jihadi anāshīd nor the jihadi films. It is not what you think because the central issue's makeup is entirely theological and fiqh based. The central issue is that jihad is individually obligatory (farđ 'ayn) on all Muslims from East to West until all of our lands are freed. 

But when jihad turned against America for its crimes against the Muslim world, the Saudi’s chose to align themselves with the Crusader’s using flimsy excuses like ‘we have a covenant with them’, ‘they are our strategic and political allies’, ‘they are helping us in this and this, and Islam doesn’t allow us to be ingrates’ and the likes. The jihad against the Soviets, in the eyes of the Saudi’s, was a jihad for the sake of Allah. The jihad against the Americans, in the eyes of the Saudi’s, is a jihad that is ‘corrupt’. We disbelieve in those who believe in jihad for the sake of America.