Sunday, November 21, 2010

Woman Found Dead In Foreclosed Home, Foreclosure Docs of Pro-Vest and Florida Default Law Group Questioned After Body's Discovery in Brevard County FL.

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- Authorities have not yet been able to positively identify a body that was found in a foreclosed Brevard County townhome garage, but the remains are believed to be that of the owner, Kathryn Norris.  (Did Kathryn Norris commit suicide by running the car's engine in the closed garage).

Investigators hope an autopsy will determine the cause of death for the person whose skeletal remains were discovered Thursday in a car inside a Cape Canaveral garage at 232 Cherie Down Lane. The body was found on the passenger side of a Chevy Nova, the remains were found clad in a dress. Neighbors told deputies that 57-year-old Kathryn Norris, who had lived at the address, had not been seen for some time.

Court records paint a muddy picture of a foreclosure case that moved quickly with little regard for what may have happened to Norris.  "It's the typical sloppiness we see when it comes to the server process," said Orlando attorney Matt Englett, who represents homeowners in foreclosure cases. The foreclosure on Norris' property was filed in February and ended just days ago with the sale of the townhome for $68,000.

The new buyer, on his first inspection of the property after the sale, discovered the remains in the passenger side of a vehicle in the townhome's garage.   Foreclosure documents in the case show a number of irregularities. For example, a company called ProVest submitted an affidavit of diligent search and inquiry which stated that it found no records of a drivers license or a vehicle in Norris' name.  However, the Brevard County Sheriff's Office confirmed that the vehicle in Norris' garage was registered to her.

ProVest was working for the Florida Default Law Group which is under investigation by the Florida Attorney General's Office, which was working for Wells Fargo Bank in the foreclosure case. Other documents show ProVest charged more than $854 for research, including billing for trying to reach two tenants, even though Norris lived alone.

The Florida Attorney General's office is investigating complaints against Florida Default Law Group for presenting false and misleading documents. ProVest is also under investigation for questionable billing practices in foreclosure cases. Many of the complaints have to do with billing for work that may never have been done.

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