Sunday, November 21, 2010

WBI SEEKING INFORMATION on Florida Default Law Group Tampa and attorneys Kristia M. Bared, Meaghan Dunne, Jonathan Mesker, William Huffman and Robert Schneider.

Bill Warner, private investigator.
2100 Constitution Blvd. Suite 125
Fl Lic # A9500364
Ph Number.. 941-926-1926
Fax Number 941-923-1575

RE: Seeking Information of any illegal activities of Florida Default Law Group (FDLG) Tampa Fl and information on the following FDLG attorneys and any copies of any affidavits (including copies of signatures) that they may have signed, Kristia M. Bared, Meaghan Dunne, Jonathan Mesker, William Huffman and Robert Schneider.

On Saturday 11/20/2010 I set out to seek some answers from Florida Default Law Group at 9119 Corporate Lake Dr. Tampa Fl.  I arrived just a liitle before 9:00 AM at Florida Default Law Group and the front door to the main lobby was open, (no business hours are listed on the front door), there was no one to answers any questions in the lobby, they have all their Christmas decorations up in the lobby, very "festive" for a foreclosure mill.  There was a reader board with a listing of the offices in the building and Florida Default Law Group was on the 3rd floor, the elevators were in operation and I proceeded to go to the 3rd floor office of Florida Default Law Group.  Upon arrival on the 3rd floor the "security" desk was not manned and there wes no one to answer any questions, it appears that Florida Default Law Group, NetSolutions, New House Title and firm solutions all operate out of the same suite #300, there are signs that indicate that the area is under video "surveilance", looks like I will have to come back another day.

Florida Attorney General’s Office Active Public Consumer-Related Investigation Florida Default Law Group, PL and Michael Echevarria. Posted: November 2, 2010 by pibillwarner in crime and terrorism. Florida Default Law Group, PL and Michael Echevarria appears to be fabricating and/or presenting false and misleading documents in foreclosure cases. These documents have been presented in court before judges as actual assignments of mortgages and have later been shown to be legally inadequate and/or insufficient. Presenting faulty bank paperwork due to the mortgage crisis in thousands of foreclosures per month. This firm is one of the largest foreclosure firms in the State. This firm appears to be one of Docx, LLC f/k/a Lender Processing Services’ clients, who this office is also investigating.

Foreclosure Mess Could Threaten Banks, Report Says Deutsche Bank and Their Attorneys, Like Florida Default Law Group in Tampa, May have Broken the Law.  Posted: November 16, 2010 by pibillwarner in crime and terrorism. Revelations that several big mortgage issuers sped through thousands of home foreclosures without properly checking paperwork already has raised alarm in Washington. If the irregularities are widespread, the consequences could be severe, the Congressional Oversight Panel said in a report issued Tuesday. The full impact is still is unclear, the report cautions.  Employees or contractors of several major banks have testified in court cases that they signed, and in some cases backdated, thousands of certifying documents for home seizures. Financial firms that service a total $6.4 trillion in mortgages are involved, according to the new report. Big banks including Bank of America Corp., JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Ally Financial Inc.’s GMAC Mortgage have suspended foreclosures at some point because of flawed documents.

TAMPA TRIBUNE Judge Susan Gardner wants answers to foreclosure document fees of Florida Default Law Group and Attorney Robert Schneider who Gouged Bank With $1,630 Fee For a Process Server. Posted: November 19, 2010 by pibillwarner in crime and terrorism. OH COME ON TAMPA TRIBUNE TELL IT LIKE IT IS … Florida Default Law Group Attorney Robert Schneider Gouges Bank With $1,630 Fee For a Process Server, FBI Needs to Investigate These Clowns.  WALL STREET JOURNAL 11/16/2010…In Florida, Judge Susan Gardner of the Sixth Judicial Court, a two-county region that includes St. Petersburg, ordered three lawyers to appear in her courtroom next month to defend fees contained in foreclosure affidavits. Judge Susan Gardner threatened to lock up the lawyers (Florida Default Law Group) if they don’t show.  In one case, Robert Schneider a lawyer for Florida Default Law Group in Tampa signed an affidavit that included $1,630 in fees for a process server, according to legal documents. A review of the file found that “reasonable” cost of process-server fees charged in a foreclosure case would be $175.

Bill Warner Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM.