Friday, November 19, 2010

WBI SEEKING INFORMATION on Florida Default Law Group Lawyer Kristia Bared in Miami Fl, Florida Bar # 14962.

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WBI SEEKING INFORMATION; Florida Default Law Group in Miami, looking for ANY/ALL information (including copies of signatures) on the following attorneys that have signed foreclosure documents:
ID Number: - 14962

Address: Florida Default Law Group, PL
9830 SW 77th Ave Ste 210
Miami, Florida 331562743
United States
Phone: 305.6624110
County: Miami-Dade
Sections: Real Property Probate and Trust Law.

Contact Info:
Phone: 305-662-4110
Main Office Location:
Miami, FLORIDA, 33156

The 9830 SW 77th Ave Ste 210 Miami, Florida 33156 address is also used by Anne M. Cruz-Alvarez at Florida Default Law Group, Pl , 9830 SW 77th Ave Ste 210, Miami, Florida 33156
Phone: 786-866-4102, Fax: 813-251-1541

There is no public phone listing for Florida Default Law Group in Miami Fl

Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Jennifer BaileyThrows Out Mortgage Foreclosure Case, Slams Florida Default Law Group Attorney William Huffman.  Bailey said the actions of William Huffman, HSBC’s lawyer from Tampa-based Florida Default Law Group, were “contemptuous,” according to a court hearing transcript.

HSBC’s run-in with Bailey began in December 2009 when she granted the lender’s motion for the foreclosure sale of Eslava’s one-bedroom unit at El Dorado Tower in Aventura. But HSBC lost the note on Eslava’s property. So the judge ordered the lender to post a $414,000 bond to indemnify Eslava in case another lender filed a claim against the unit.

Eslava and his lawyer, Sheleen Khan, sought to overturn the sale, claiming the lender violated Bailey’s court order. At a May 6 hearing, Bailey dismissed the foreclosure case with prejudice, which prevents the lender from suing Eslava again. The judge also canceled the mortgage and ordered HSBC to return title of the condo to Eslava.

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