Friday, November 19, 2010

TAMPA TRIBUNE Judge Susan Gardner wants answers to foreclosure document fees of Florida Default Law Group and Attorney Robert Schneider who Gouged Bank With $1,630 Fee For a Process Server

TAMPA TRIBUNE 11/18/2010.... Pasco County Circuit Judge Susan Gardner decided to take a closer look at her foreclosure cases after law firms were accused recently of overbilling and forging documents. She doesn't like what she's finding – a mountain of fees to serve notice of foreclosure lawsuits to homeowners and to people who don't exist.

"Routinely, routinely, I'm seeing charges of $1,600, $1,800, $1,000, $800, any of those are ridiculous, and there had better be a good reason for it," Gardner said, noting that these fees should typically be $45 to a couple hundred bucks.

The judge chose 12 random files and said she found 11 of them had what she says appear to be inflated charges to serve homeowners with lawsuits. Some of the lawyers who submitted affidavits to the court saying the fees are "reasonable" often sign their names and bar numbers in an illegible scribble, court records show.

"I used to think this was just sloppy work, but I truly have begun to wonder if it's not concealment," Gardner said. The files in question involve two of the law firms that are currently under investigation by the Florida Attorney General's Office for submitting fabricated or misleading documents in foreclosure cases, (FLORIDA DEFAULT LAW GROUP).

Gardner plastered files with adhesive notes detailing her concerns and drew unhappy faces on beside fees. She issued orders this week requiring five lawyers from the firms to appear in court early next month and explain the fees and signatures. If they fail to show up, they could be arrested.

"I don't want to throw anybody in jail, but I'm getting really angry, and I'm not going to tolerate it anymore," Gardner said. "I want some answers. This stuff isn't getting through on my watch."  At least two of the cases Gardner flagged involve Florida Default Law Group in Tampa, which is under state investigation.

Consider this case;  The process server, Firefly Legal, served two named defendants in Land O' Lakes in August 2009. The invoice reflects that both defendants were served, but it also included charges for two unknown spouses and for two unknown tenants, even though none of those four people were found, according to court documents.

Three days later, the invoice shows, the process server attempted to serve the main defendants and unknown spouses again – this time in Indiana. The total bill was $1,633.50. Gardner says a reasonable fee for this case would be $175, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE...

WALL STREET JOURNAL 11/16/2010…In Florida, Judge Susan Gardner of the Sixth Judicial Court, a two-county region that includes St. Petersburg, ordered three lawyers to appear in her courtroom next month to defend fees contained in foreclosure affidavits. Judge Susan Gardner threatened to lock up the lawyers (Florida Default Law Group) if they don’t show.

In one case, Robert Schneider a lawyer for Florida Default Law Group in Tampa signed an affidavit that included $1,630 in fees for a process server, according to legal documents. A review of the file found that “reasonable” cost of process-server fees charged in a foreclosure case would be $175.

Robert Schneider, the lawyer for Florida Default Law Group, ordered to appear in court in that case, referred requests for comment to Ronald Wolfe, a managing partner at the firm. Mr. Wolfe couldn’t be reached for comment.

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Tuesday, November 09, 2010, Tampa’s Florida Default Law Group Picks Up the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Forclosure Cases From The Decimated Stern Law Firm, What a Joke, They’re Up Next. Tampa’s Florida Default Law Group is already under investigation by the Florida Attorney General’s office for alleged “unfair and deceptive actions” that may have cost people their homes.

So, what the hell, is Tampa’s Florida Default Law Group going to go under “double secret probation” while they handle the Federal Foreclosure caes of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that the Stern Law Office manipulated?  

Each and every foreclosure case now filed or previously filed by the Florida Default Law Group and the David J. Stern office needs to be re-examined for the use of forged signatures, changed dates and passed around notary stamps, Federal Indictments are up next boys and girls at Florida Default Law Group and the David J. Stern office hope your BMW’s are paid off.

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