Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fox 5 Reporter Charles Leaf Charged in Child Sex Assault Faces New Charge of Possession of Child Pornography, Charles Leaf is a Predatory Pedophile.

Charles Leaf’s computer was seized from his home when he was arrested last month on charges that he sexually abused a 4-year-old girl, Assistant Bergen County Prosecutor Kenneth Ralph said at a court hearing in Hackensack. A forensic analysis of the computer revealed that Leaf had child-pornography images, Ralph said.Leaf, 40, was also denied a reduction of his bail, which now stands at $270,000 after the new charge was filed.

The attorney for Charles Leaf asked the judge to reduce the bail to $100,000, said Leaf will be living at a local hotel if he is released, because the condition for his release does not allow him to live at his Wyckoff home. Ralph, however, objected to a bail reduction, stressing that Leaf was charged with a first-degree aggravated sexual assault, which carries up to 20 years in prison upon conviction.

Charles Leaf is a Predatory Pedophile. Predatory pedophiles are clever, calculating criminals. They stalk their victims with great care, working themselves into positions of trust. They study children as carefully as any psychologist, and their camouflage is our unwillingness to see the shark in our swimming pool.

The consequences of their depravity can be found in our psychiatric wards, our prisons and our graveyards: The runaway who turns to child prostitution, the violent juvenile criminal, the teenage suicide...all too many members of this army of victims can be traced to a predatory pedophile's original attack.
See my prior post on Charles Leaf the Predatory Pedophile, Fox news reporter Charles Leaf arraigned Nov. 4 Wyckoff Municipal Court on sex assault charges of a 4 year old girl, he is still in jail.

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Susan Gaudet told the Daily News her younger brother, Charles Leaf, busted on sex assault charges, abused two of his relatives in the 1980s. "I'd like to see them put him away for the rest of his life," fumed Gaudet, one of Leaf's three sisters, from Jacksonville, N.C. "I am so full of rage. If I had the opportunity to spit in his face and hurt him, I would do it."

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