Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Foreclosure Mess Could Threaten Banks, Report Says Deutsche Bank and Their Attorneys, Like Florida Default Law Group in Tampa, May have Broken the Law

Revelations that several big mortgage issuers sped through thousands of home foreclosures without properly checking paperwork already has raised alarm in Washington. If the irregularities are widespread, the consequences could be severe, the Congressional Oversight Panel said in a report issued Tuesday. The full impact is still is unclear, the report cautions.

Employees or contractors of several major banks have testified in court cases that they signed, and in some cases backdated, thousands of certifying documents for home seizures. Financial firms that service a total $6.4 trillion in mortgages are involved, according to the new report. Big banks including Bank of America Corp., JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Ally Financial Inc.'s GMAC Mortgage have suspended foreclosures at some point because of flawed documents. 

Federal and state regulators, including the Federal Reserve and attorneys general in all 50 states, are investigating whether mortgage companies cut corners on their own procedures when they moved to foreclose on people's homes.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010, Tampa's Florida Default Law Group Picks Up the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Forclosure Cases From The Decimated Stern Law Firm, What a Joke, They're Up Next.   Tampa's Florida Default Law Group is already under investigation by the Florida Attorney General's office for alleged "unfair and deceptive actions" that may have cost people their homes.

Among the allegations: that the firms, which represent banks, filed "fabricated" documents in court on numerous occasions when the original paperwork needed to foreclose was missing. "Thousands of final judgments of foreclosure against Florida homeowners may have been the result of the allegedly improper actions of the Tampa's Florida Default Law Group currently under investigation," the Attorney General's Office said in a news release.

So, what the hell, is Tampa's Florida Default Law Group going to go under "double secret probation" while they handle the Federal Foreclosure caes of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that the Stern Law Office manipulated? Each and every foreclosure case now filed or previously filed by the Florida Default Law Group and the David J. Stern office needs to be re-examined for the use of forged signatures, changed dates and passed around notary stamps, Federal Indictments are up next boys and girls hope your BMW's are paid off.

Foreclosure Fraud – Deutsche Bank Memo Notifies Securitized Loan Servicers and their Attorneys that they May have Broken the Law; "Recent media reports suggest that the Alleged Foreclosure Deficiencies may include the execution and filing by certain servicers and their agents of potentially defective documents, possibly containing alleged untrue assertions of fact, in connection with certain foreclosure proceedings. The reported scope of such alleged practices raises the possibility that such documents may have been filed in connection with foreclosure proceedings relating to mortgage loans owned by the Trusts and may have been executed under color of one or more powers of attorney granted to Servicers pursuant to the Governing Documents. Any such actions by a servicer or its agents would constitute a breach of that Servicer’s obligations under the Governing Documents and applicable law.”

Deutsche Bank is admitting that its servicers and attorneys “possibly” filed fraudulent foreclosure documents, which we all know did in fact happen, with “robo-signer” assignments, backdated notaries, etc., which if done “under color of” required powers of attorney, is illegal on more than one front.

Florida Default Law Group Files Foreclosure For a Plaintiff That Never Owned the Note.  Circuit Judge J. Michael Traynor dismissed a St. John's foreclosure case filed by Florida Default Law Group (FDLG) because the bank that they named as owner of the note, U.S. Bank, did not own the note. FDLG then amended their complaint to name the correct mortgage holder, HSBC Bank, but falsely claimed that HSBC was a successor to U.S. Bank. Both of these claims were obviously false because U.S. Bank was never the holder of the note.

This may be a simple clerical error made by Florida Default Law Group , or it may not seeing that FDLG is currently being investigated by the economic crimes unit of the Florida Attorney General's Office. The Florida Attorney General's website claims that  Florida Default Law Group "appears to be fabricating and/or presenting false and misleading documents in foreclosure cases."

Florida Default Law Group attorney Meaghan Dunne engaged to Adam Fernandez who works for the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office which is investigating Florida Default Law Group for Foreclosure Fraud, I would be looking very hard at every Foreclosure Complaint filed by this Meaghan Dunne.  See Meaghan Dunne info at Florida Bar website, note she does not list the name of her employer Florida Default Law Group, just the address, why the cover up?

One of the lawyers at Echevarria’s Florida Default Law Group foreclosure mill who sends out demand letters and files Foreclosure Complaints is Meaghan Dunne; Attorney Meaghan Dunne has a Facebook Page where she links to her college days at Purdue and she has another website where someone writes, SEE ABOVE, “Meaghan Dunne decided on Purdue University (Go Boilermakers!) for college. She spent the next four years drinking a lot of beer, going to frat parties, bars, and engaging in various other shenanigans.

I will dig and keep digging into the unethical and illegal practices of the Florida Default Law Group and expose everyone connected to this firm just like I did with the David J. Stern Law firm !

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