Monday, October 04, 2010

Reveille Productions ramps Up it's Fall and Winter TV Realtiy Series Production Nation Wide, Talk of Bringing Back "Private Investigators" Angels Style.

Reveille Productions are the producers behind several hit television shows including Ugly Betty, The Office, The Biggest Loser, Family Guy, and Parental Control . Reveille Productions is an independently-owned television and motion picture studio and production company based in Los Angeles. The studio was founded by Ben Silverman in March 2002.

In February 2008, it was reported that Elisabeth Murdoch's Shine Productions has bought Reveille for $125 million. Also the same year, ShineReveille International has made a deal with Merv Griffin Entertainment to distribute all of MGE programming overseas.

L.A....Paula Abdul is teaming up with Reveille Productions to produce an ALL NEW dance show on CBS! We'll be searching across the country for dancers...Casting across the U.S. with auditions in NYC and L.A. Seeking—Dancers: males and female.

Columbus Ohio...A reality TV series to be shot at Riverside Methodist Hospital for the Lifetime television network, with an estimated budget of $400,000, the One Born Every Minute reality series to be filmed at Riverside can apply for tax credits signed into law in July 2009.  The reality show, produced by Los Angeles-based Reveille LLC, will focus on the daily drama at Riverside’s labor and delivery unit. It is expected to begin airing in February 2011.   State officials have said such productions boost employment and generate revenue for communities such as Columbus Ohio.

NEW YORK — Twitter, the Web site that asks what everybody's doing, says it wants to be doing a TV series.  The social-networking service said Monday it has teamed with Reveille productions and Brillstein Entertainment Partners to develop an unscripted series based on the site, which invites 140-character postings from members around the world. The show would harness Twitter to put players on the trail of celebrities in an interactive, competitive format. has learned that a major Hollywood production company, Reveille Productions, which has produced The Office, Biggest Loser, and Ugly Betty, pulled the plug on working on 16-year-old sailor Abby Sunderland’s reality show Adventures in Sunderland , even though they had network interest, because they feared her father Laurence was “cutting corners” and were concerned about Abby’s safety.

L.A.....REVEILLE PRODUCTIONS had in 2006 done a  nationwide search for the nation's finest private investigators for a new show on NBC. "Private Investigators" was to be a documentary-style reality program that will feature private investigators that travel across the country each week to solve America's Cases.  Our P.I.s, the best in their field, will help Americans most in need: we will offer free investigative assistance to average people who do not have the awareness or ability to hire a private investigator. REVEILLE PRODUCTIONS was going to take on large and small cases.

REVEILLE PRODUCTIONS WAS NOT GOING TO RECREATE ANY CASES. In documentary style, we will follow our private investigators and watch their cases unfold in real time. We will tell the story through their eyes, words, and actions. For many years, America's P.I.s have been misrepresented in the media. "Private Investigators" sought to debunk the myths and show the reality of the day-to-day life of a private investigator on a case: the challenges, the intrigue, the intelligence-gathering, the persistence that is required, and on occasion, the frustration. In many cases, we hope, success; but sometimes there is failure, too. The result will be a first-hand look into the important role that private investigation plays in our society, there is talk that Reveille Productions is planning to recast this reality show, "Angels Style".  

L.A......ASHANTI singer, song writer, Broadway’s The Wiz star, reality TV personality? The former Irv Gotti Princess will soon be trying on a new pair of pumps as executive producer of her very own music-based competition TV show.” This news surfaced months after she left her long time label Irv Gotti’s The Inc. Records. Sources behind the hit TV shows Ugly Betty and It’s On with Alexa Chung have said that Ashanti has signed a development deal with Reveille LLC for her own reality show.

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