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Monday, October 11, 2010

NYPD Find C4 Explosives In Lower Manhattan Marble Cemetery Two blocks From The Second Ave Subway Station.

Several blocks of deadly C-4 explosive were found Monday morning in the New York City Marble Cemetery in East Village, police sources said.  The Second Avenue Lower East Side Subway Station is 0.1 mi SW or two blocks away.

There were no blasting caps found with the bricks, meaning there was no way to detonate the explosive.  "But it's still C-4, so it's being taken very seriously," a police source said.

Six to eight blocks of the plastic, military-grade explosive, formally known as Composition 4, were found in a black plastic garbage bag just inside Marble Cemetery, on E. Second St., between First and Second Aves.
The discovery was made at 10:50 a.m. The NYPD Bomb Squad rushed to the scene, and police closed the area to traffic.

C-4 is composed mostly of white powder and a stick resin that gives it a putty-like quality.  According to the U.S. Army's web site, soldiers use C-4 to break down doors or bust through a larger obstacle, more from this source....

"Please be aware that the New York City Marble Cemetery is generally closed to the public." If you wish to visit apart from one of our published Open Days, please make arrangements with the office well ahead of time.  Take the F or V train to the 2nd Avenue–Lower East Side station. Walk uptown two blocks to 2nd Street, then turn right (if you are on Second Avenue), or turn left (if you are on First Avenue), and the Cemetery will be halfway down the block.
Subway stations near New York City Marble Cemetery,
1). Second Avenue - Lower East Side - 2nd Ave‎‎ - 0.1 mi SW (two blocks)
2). Essex Street‎-- 0.4 mi
3). S Bleecker Street-Lexington‎- 0.3 mi W
4). Grand St Station‎-0.5 mi SW
5). Canal St Station‎- 0.8 mi SW

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