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Attorney Miriam Mendieta at David J. Stern Law Office Headed Up Falsification of Documents and Sewer Service, David J. Stern Numerous Affairs with Female Employees.

Information source, Attorney Matt Weidner Blog.

12:11 p.m. - 1:58 p.m.
Office of the Attorney General
Southeast 6th Street, 10th Floor
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

Testimony Exert....... COURT DOCUMENTS, ASSIGNMENTS, FORECLOSURE CASES AT DAVID J. STERN LAW OFFICE.  Assignments, we sent them out occasionally to be  recorded. It became a more stiffer practice after I guess there was a problem where the notary date didn't match the date of the assignment being initiated. There were basically three dates on there. The dates were all different.
Q ..Right.
A.. So at that point there was a huge meeting in the building by Beverly McComas and Miriam Mendieta who were the controlling attorneys there. Basically we were told if anyone sent out an assignment with the dates not being the same on them that they would be fired immediately.
Q.. Why would the dates on the other ones have been three different dates? What would cause that?
A.. Poor practice, not paying attention, not knowing that it was supposed to be that way from the initiation. Basically they didn't train us to do it. You have people just typing in. Their being honest and tying in this date as the date as being assigned but it was executed six months ago. The dates would be different for that. The issue became then the notary would sign it tomorrow and date it tomorrow.
Q.. So those attorneys knew this was going on?
A.. Yes.
Q ..Can you give me the names of the attorneys that knew?
A.. Every attorney in the firm.
Q.. What do you mean every attorney in the firm?
A ..Well, Beverly McComas.
Q.. Can you spell that, please.
A.. M-C-C-O-M-A-S, I believe and Miriam Mendieta were the controlling attorneys.
Q ..They were the controlling attorneys?
A.. Correct. They controlled the attorneys and Cheryl controlled the paralegals and anybody else.
Q.. Okay.
A.. So they would inform the attorneys what they wanted. They happened to be at the meeting for the assignments. They pulled us in by team since there were so many of us and told us this is what it needs to be. They got in trouble for it and this is what needs to be happening now. Make sure that the date that it was supposed to be executed is the same date that you're signing it even though it could have been six months ago and Cheryl Samons is signing it today.
Q.. But make the dates match?
A.. Correct.
Q.. Regardless of the date it is today?
A.. Correct.
Q.. Okay. And that's the same for the notary?
A.. Correct.
Q.. And the date printed on it?
A.. Correct.
Q.. And the date that's actually typed in?
A.. Correct.
Q.. Make sure they're all the same no matter what day it is?
A.. Correct.
Q.. The two lead lawyers, what was their title? Were they senior attorneys?
A.. No. They didn't really have a title. Most people were just afraid of them.
Q.. Why is that?
A.. Because they were mean and nasty. They were very mean.
Q.. In what way?
A.. They would demean you. They would yell and scream at you.
Q.. Condescending?
A.. Oh yeah. They would make you look like an ass in front of the entire firm.
Q.. What about the other lawyers that they  controlled?
A.. They were just there to get by on what they were doing.
Q.. The other lawyers?

Well, David Stern had quite a few little girl friends in the firm. David Vargas and Cheryl Samons were very involved.
Q.. Are you talking about romantically involved?
A.. Yeah. I believe there were people actually  fired for questioning it.
Q.. Who else was involved in those sort of relationships?
A.. There were boyfriends and girlfriends within the firm.

There was a few young girls that David J. Stern was very generous with and purchased properties, cars, jewelry. They would go in and out of his office, get roses, be in there for two hours. I would hear the conversations with him and David Vargas in reference to taking them on plane rides and he was going to get in trouble because he's married and things like that.
Q.. Who were those girls?
A ..Christina was one of them. I'm not sure of her last name because there were a few of them.
Q ..Which division did she work in?
A.. There was another girl named Christina Dispersio (ph). The first Christina worked in I want to say Countrywide side. She was a very very young girl. Very pretty girl. She had a four-year old daughter if I'm not mistaking. The second that the firm was aware of it because there were plenty of times when Cheryl would go storming in his door and screaming at him about the fraternizing going on and the whole firm knowns about it.  see
See prior post Written by BILLWARNER on Sep-2-10 3:46pm  “ANIMAL HOUSE” David J. Stern Law Firm Hires Former Stripper and Prostitute Kelly Holsopple and a Former Paralegal Sues David J. Stern for Sexual Harassment.  Former paralegal Bridgette Balboni sued David J. Stern personally for sexual harassment and won. The case details read like something out of Animal House: see complaint

Balboni said David J. Stern grabbed female employees from behind and faked sex with them, stuck his tongue in one woman’s ear, and joked that another woman used her pager as a vibrator and sat on it all day. Stern grabbed Balboni from Behind while she was on her knees reviewing files and was thrusting at her to simulate intercourse in the pressence of a male attorney.

David J. Stern inserted his fingers into the reams on pantyhose on the legs of female employees and tears them apart in the presence of other employees. Balboni, who settled for an undisclosed sum, declined to discuss the case. But five other women who have worked for Stern told me of similar behavior by the boss. Several used the word “pig” (Stern) in their descriptions.

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