Monday, September 13, 2010

Surrogate Mom Louise Pollard for Omar bin-Laden's Twins Miscarries After Mugging in Syria, Omar and Zania bin-Laden Break Up.

LONDON, Sept. 13 (UPI) -- The British surrogate mother carrying Osama bin Laden's twin grandchildren says she has miscarried after being assaulted in Syria.

Louise Pollard, in pink on left above, was 10 weeks pregnant by in-vitro fertilization by sperm of bin Laden's son, Omar, 29, and eggs from the younger bin Laden's wife Zaina, 54, formerly known as Jane Felix-Browne, when the beating occurred, the Daily Mail reported Monday.

The London newspaper said Pollard was traveling with Zaina in Syria but was walking alone from a cafe to her apartment late at night when two assailants punched her to the ground, giving her a black eye, and bruising on her arms and legs before running away.

Was Louise Pollard attacked by Muslim radicals because she was an ex-stripper carrying the grand-children of Osama bin-Laden?

Since her ordeal, which she did not report to the police, Miss Pollard has decided not to attempt another surrogacy for the Bin Ladens, who have now separated amid claims that Omar has developed mental illness (schizophrenia).

After making it back to her apartment Pollard went to a local hospital where a scan showed the loss of the babies, the newspaper said. The 24-year-old former pole dancer from Bristol says she has been recognized both in Britain and in the Middle East as the "Western woman carrying Bin Laden children."

"But now they've split up. Zaina is a grandmother in her 50s, on her own, with not much money, and Omar is apparently suffering from schizophrenia," Pollard said. When asked for his reaction to the miscarriage, Omar bin-Laden, who the Daily Mail said is separated from Zaina, said it was "destiny."

Sad news Zania........

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